Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to finish your Christmas shopping. Do you have a curly girl friend, wife or family member? I have put together the perfect gift guide for all the curl friends in your life.

For all my budget friendly readers, all the curly hair accessories and products are under $25! If you have a friend struggling to love their natural hair or just starting the curly girl method, any of these gifts will be a welcome addition under the Christmas tree.

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1. yoga headband 2. microfiber hair towel 3. wide tooth detangling hair comb 4. fine mist airless spray bottle 5. puffcuff 6. root clips for curly hair 7. invisibobble kink proof curls 8. deep conditioning heat cap 9. collapsible universal hair dryer diffuser 10. scalp massage brush 11. travel hair dryer bag 12. silk pillowcase

I hope I have made your holiday shopping a little easier this year! Or maybe, you just wanted to know what to buy yourself. In that case, treat yourself! Merry Christmas.

PS: If you are looking for reviews on the products above, I have a few listed below.


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