01/30/2019 UPDATE: I recently used my favorite Kinky-Curly products using a process called "damp styling". To read how to damp style wavy curly hair or to see my results, visit my post after reading this one! As promised, here is an update on my curly hair journey. Today was wash day, which is always exciting.
"I am accepting and loving my natural hair." This has become my daily mantra for the past 8 weeks. As the famous adage goes "We always want what we can't have." For me, it was luscious, silky straight hair. I was born with dark, straight locks. It wasn't until my thirteenth birthday that I asked
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This blog is for all my curly girl friends out there. The daily struggle of hoping our curls play nice, stay frizz-free and look naturally beautiful is quite stressful. I am guilty of spending hours and hours of my life straightening my mane as it was the only way to control it. I have tried