Do you find it hard to eat healthy on the weekend? For me, Sunday is the hardest day to say no to microwave or box meals. My weakness is a frozen gluten free pizza. However, adding dairy to my diet does not help me start the week off strong. I recently found an easy recipe that is perfect for the weekend. It takes about forty minutes total and is made from three main ingredients. Say hello to Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Poppers!

Sunday is certainly a day of rest in my home. I like to serve meals that are easy to eat. These poppers are so fun. No plates or utensils needed! Just dip them in your favorite sauce and “pop” them in your mouth!

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Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Poppers

A protein-filled snack, appetizer or meal. These poppers are made with organic ground turkey, sweet potato and green onions. With the addition of onion and garlic powder, these tasty poppers will disappear quickly. Add your favorite dipping sauce and serve cool. Great addition to your football party!

Gluten free, dairy free, grain free, Paleo.


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