Only Curls London Hydrating Curl Creme and Enhancing Curl Gel

A few days ago I posted about my Only Curls London delivery. I fell in love with how feminine the entire package was. I was a couple days away from my wash day so I impatiently waited it out. Thankfully, my wash day just happened to fall on Labor Day Weekend! I had plenty of time to try out the products. Here’s a little info about the company…Only Curls is located in, you guessed it, London! Their goal is to provide curly hair products that have natural, nourishing ingredients to hydrate your hair. Every product is curly girl friendly, contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or paraffin. wash day The first action I take when testing a styling product is to smell it.Β  If I don’t like the scent, it doesn’t touch my hair. Upon opening the Only Curls London creme and gel, I was met with a sweet aroma.…

Only Curls London Delivery Day

A bright pink package showed up on my doorstep today. I knew immediately it was my special delivery from Only Curls. Any package postmarked “Royal Mail” gets me excited! I put together this informative blog post to show you what you can expect when you open your order from Only Curls hair products. (Note: This is not a sponsored post. I follow #curlygirlmethod on Instagram. There were so many reviews of Only Curls from curly haired women that I just HAD to try these products!) Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to photograph the original hot pink wrapped package. We had purchased the products using my husband’s credit card. His name was on the package and he opened it. However, I managed to jump in and save the rest. ha ha! The packaging is clean, feminine and thoughtful. I love how every detail matches the branding of Only Curls.…