Decorating On A Budget: Breakfast Nook & Living Room

It’s our first southern snow day of 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina. All the schools are closed and our neighbors are roaming the streets in their snow suits and sleds. I have been secretly hoping for snow since we stayed south for the holidays. I think we have close to 5 inches! That’s kind of a big deal for us. I enjoy fresh fallen snow because it acts as a diffuser. My home is beautifully lit and the sun isn’t even out. I had my camera gear out so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of our home decor updates. Our story We purchased this house in the fall of 2016. It is located in a neighborhood of homes designed to look as if they were plucked right out of Charleston, South Carolina. Our goal is to be fiscally responsible with this investment. That means smart, long…

Sandals Resort LaSource Grenada: Gluten Free Review

Traveling with food allergies is a burden I would not wish on my worst enemy. Every trip involves hours of research and communication with airlines, restaurants, resorts and event coordinators. When the trip arrives, you leave armed with detailed information. However, there is still a nagging feeling of fear that you can’t get rid of. Most people get excited about eating at a new place. For me, having Celiac Disease, each time I start to eat at an unknown location I wait for the tell-tale signs that I have been glutened. My biggest fear is getting sick on vacation in a world far away from the comforts of home. The last time I was exposed to gluten, I was down for three days in severe pain and couldn’t eat anything. This is the last experience I want on vacation. If your travel planning story sounds anything like mine, I’d like…

3 Days in Charleston: Where to Stay and Play Gluten Free

Last March my husband, Nick, and I celebrated our six-year wedding anniversary. Every year we travel someplace fun. With our recent move and home purchase, we thought it best to find a place close to Charlotte. We chose Charleston, South Carolina. It is a quick four-hour road trip from the Queen City. Charleston Day 1 We arrived at our hotel in the heart of the city ready to see and do everything Charleston had to offer. King Charles Inn was the perfect location for walking to all the tourist spots and best restaurants. The staff welcomed us with an anniversary card, champagne and chocolates. With half the day left to sight see and eat, we chose to browse King Street, walk Historic Charleston City Market and have dinner at Sticky Fingers Ribhouse. They had an entire gluten free menu but my favorite item was the sticky potato skins! It was early…

Recipe: Chocolate Almond Energy Balls

When do you find it the most difficult to eat healthy? For me, it is when I travel. Whether it is a road trip, an international flight or an airport layover, I can never seem to find a restaurant that meets all my dietary needs. Chocolate Almond Energy Balls to the rescue! These sweet treats not only fix that afternoon sugar craving, but they are naturally filling and full of good things for your body. On weight training days, I eat a few of these in-between meals. When traveling, I throw a couple in my purse and freeze the rest to store in my luggage for later. After viewing a few mouth-watering photographs below, scroll down to print the recipe for yourself!