A New Start: My Curly Girl Journey

“I am accepting and loving my natural hair.” This has become my daily mantra for the past 8 weeks. As the famous adage goes “We always want what we can’t have.” For me, it was luscious, silky straight hair. I was born with dark, straight locks. It wasn’t until my thirteenth birthday that I asked my mother for a spiral perm. She brought me to the local Empire Beauty School where they worked 6+ hours on my hair. The results were stunning and I was one happy teenager. Twenty-three years later, I still have those curls. Somewhere between that milestone birthday and puberty, I became a natural curly girl. The last two decades, my relationship with my hair has been an ongoing struggle. During high school, little was known about the care of curls and I brushed, curled and blow dried it with frizzy, voluminous results. During college, I chopped…