New Hampshire


Visit NH: 7 Days At Lake Waukewan

My heart will forever be in New England. There is something about your childhood home that always calls you back. When you visit, all those nostalgic emotions and feelings bubble up inside you. The good and the bad. With maturity and time, the good memories always seem the most real. For my birthday, my family sent me plane tickets for a 7 day New Hampshire Getaway. Last year, my parents sold my childhood home and moved to Lake Waukewan. This visit was to experience everything their new place had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed. If you aren’t familiar with the Lakes Region of NH, Lake Waukewan is located in the towns of Meredith, New Hampton and Center Harbor. It feeds Lake Winnipesaukee via a waterfall you can visit at Mill Falls Marketplace. This blog is to share my personal adventures with the hope that your New Hampshire summer vacation might…

2017 Spring Trip to NH + Skillet Recipe

Morning, Ya’ll! I’m back from spending a week in my home state of New Hampshire. There is something special about spring in New England. The beauty of the crisp morning air, birds singing, ombre shades of green everywhere you look and all the locals smiling at the sun as they soak in its warmth! Even though I’m a Southern gal now, I still remember how good it felt to have the snowy, winter months behind me and summer days at the lake awaiting me. Where i ate Today was my second day back at the gym after a week of rest and traveling. I managed to stay on my Paleo, gluten free diet almost the entire trip. My first morning in the Lakes Region, I took my grandfather and brother out to eat at Kitchen Cravings. I had my usual plate of scrambled eggs, fruit and sausage with a much…