North Carolina


Where to Stay and Eat Gluten Free in Asheville North Carolina

Historically, September is a busy time for our family. This year was no different. Last week, Nick flew to Nashville for a work conference and I flew to Manchester, NH, to visit my family. When we returned home, we really wanted to reconnect and celebrate our upcoming engagement anniversary. We live only two hours from Asheville, NC, and thought a quick 24 hour road trip would be perfect! The goal of our getaway was to rest, eat and explore the downtown.  Here are 5 Places to Eat and Drink Gluten Free in Asheville, North Carolina. 1. Over Easy Cafe With a full day of walking ahead of us, we started the day with a healthy breakfast at Over Easy Cafe. This small, eclectic restaurant featuring local artist’s work opens at 8 AM and fills up fast. It’s a first come, first serve style which means you need to show up early…

A Few of Our Favorite Charlotte Things

This past Friday, Nick and I took a day off from life and spontaneously enjoyed everything we love about living near Charlotte, NC. We are coming up on our one year anniversary in North Carolina. What better way to celebrate than to take part in the places and things that made us pack up our lives and move to this area? Here are 4 places we recommend visiting. 1. Famous Toastery Dilworth Getting up at 5:30 AM on your day off might be the farthest thing from your mind, but when gluten free breakfast at the Famous Toastery of Dilworth is your destination, you jump out of bed! We discovered this restaurant on our first trip to Charlotte, when we were researching the area. On each of our four road trips from Virginia Beach, we would stop at the Famous Toastery, refuel and start on our list of things to…