If you are a travel photographer or hobbyist, I found a camera insert bag that will check all your travel organization boxes! Drumroll and a big cheer for this camera travel cube ! It fits perfect in a carry-on and contains just what I need for my tropical travels.

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Camera Insert Bag for Carry On

1. Fits so much stuff

Photography gear are like shoes to me. I can never decide how much to travel with. Here are the camera lenses I always pack inside my G-raphy Camera Insert Bag.

g-raphy camera travel cube insert with Nikon photography gear

2. adjustable interior dividers

With the easily adjustable foam pads, any number of configurations can be made. You have 8″ x 12″ x 4″ of interior space. I personally used all the dividers.

My only two dislikes about this camera insert bag are its lack of pads and the interior mesh pockets. I wish they included one more pad and the two mesh pockets had zippers!

3. Fits inside carry on luggage

I don’t let my camera gear leave my sight when I travel. It always accompanies me on the plane. It was nice to remove the weight from my backpack by placing the cube inside my Tumi hardside carry-on luggage. Look how great it fits!

4. Fits under the Plane Seat

If you need to stow your carry on luggage, it is easy to remove the camera bag and place it under the seat in front of you. I promise, you will still have leg room even with this cube by your feet. The exterior dimensions of this bag are 10″ x 13″ x 5″.

5. Lightweight

Did I mention how light this camera bag was? According to the manufacturer, it is 1.35 pounds. It didn’t stay that light for long. Once I had my photography gear inside, it weighed a bit more!

6. Luggage Strap

If you don’t have room in your carry-on luggage for this camera cube, place it over the extendable handle using the luggage strap on the back! Roll around the airport with ease.

7. Day Trip Use

Once you have arrived at your destination, this bag turns into a shoulder bag. It comes with a removable strap that can be adjusted to your desired length.

8. Waterproof

There are those times where you get caught in the rain, a bottle bursts in your luggage or a drink gets spilled on your camera bag. This photography cube is made with nylon and it is durable and waterproof.

9. Fits in Hotel Safe

Whether you are staying at a Hilton or Sandals Resort, you need to keep your gear locked up and secure. This G-raphy Camera Insert Bag fit inside the hotel safe perfectly with room to spare.

Normally, I take all my gear, place each piece in the safe and lock it up. The problem is the chaos inside.

When it’s time to use my camera, I have to find it in a dark closet and an even darker safe. It’s a mess in there with our passports, jewelry and my photography accessories. Nobody wants that on vacation.

This camera bag slides right in. When I’m ready for an adventure, I quickly remove my gear and slip out the door.

10. Affordability

If I haven’t sold you yet on this travel bag, the price will. It is currently less than $50 (price may change). If you know a photographer, traveler or hobbyist, this would make a great birthday or Christmas gift!



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