With so many curly hair products on the market, which ones do you invest your time and money in? I have been on this natural hair journey for two years now and I am still learning. Here is what I know about my curls: I have 2c 3a curls that are low porosity. If this is you, read my 10 Reasons to Try DevaCurl One Condition Original.

10/25/2019: I updated this blog post to show my results 1 month later. Scroll to the bottom to see.

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1. every day product

This is the main reason I sought out DevaCurl One Condition. I have tried several deep conditioners and masques. With low porosity curls, it is important to deep condition about once a week with heat (read about my heat cap). However, I just wanted an every day conditioner.

I have a trip to the Caribbean planned this fall and will be washing my hair daily. Who has time to deep condition with heat every day on your vacation? I want that time at the pool, playing volleyball or eating something amazing! I believe I’ve found my travel conditioner.

2. Ingredients

For all my new readers, I have Celiac Disease. This means all my products must be gluten free. I had written off DevaCurl products as many of them included wheat or wheat protein. Thankfully, they offer a list of wheat-free curly products. DevaCurl One Condition was on this list, so I gave it a try.

I can officially say, no itchy or burning scalp for me! Even on day 4 curls, my scalp felt fresh and clean.

DevaCurl One Condition Daily Conditioner Ingredients ShinewithJL

3. Price

Let’s get down to what really matters, the price tag. I have learned in life that you get what you pay for. The DevaCurl One Condition Original is adequately priced. I purchased the 32 oz. for $29, on sale at Amazon. That comes to .93/oz. I can live with that for the great results I received.

If you read the reviews of this product on Amazon, several mention the product being watered down or not the real thing. I can say that my conditioner was exactly what it should be.

DevaCulr One Condition Original Daily Conditioner Curls ShinewithJL

4. Scent

Many of the reviews on Amazon said the curly hair conditioner smelled like chemicals. I disagree. I’ve used DevaCurl products in the past and know what they should smell like. The One Condition smelled herbaceous and fresh. I felt the scent wasn’t overwhelming and it only lingered on my initial wash day.

5. Slip

The last thing you want is a conditioner that makes knotty hair worse. I prefer lots of slip to my conditioner. Slip is how much lubrication the product gives your hair. It should help detangle your curls. This daily curly hair conditioner has just the right amount of slip.

6. Application

Because DevaCurl One Condition has great slip, it is easily applied. I used praying hands to apply the conditioner and then used my fingers to detantle. Lastly, I scrunched the product into my curls with a little water and let it sit while finishing up my shower.

7. Weight

While water is the first item on the ingredients list, this daily conditioner isn’t thin or lumpy. It has just the right consistency. The product isn’t so heavy that it will weigh down your curls. It’s not so thin where it leaves your curls dehydrated and frizzy.

DevaCurl One Condition Original conditioner product in hand

8. Styling product combination

The DevaCurl One Condition Original paired well with my styling product routine. When experimenting with a new product, I like to keep everything else the same. That way, I can see the difference. Here are the curly styling products I used with One Condition:

9. curls that last

We are all searching for products that give us more time between wash days. I believe this daily conditioner will help. I am currently on day 4 curls. While I am wearing my hair half-up, there is little to no frizz and my curls feel soft and healthy.

Below are my Day 3 curls. I woke up, used Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil to fluff my curls around my scalp and flatten a little frizz. This photo was taken around noon after I had been up 5 hours. Aren’t these curls fantastic?

10. Love the results

Last, but not least, you will love the results (at least I did)! I can say I was pleasantly surprised at what a large difference one product in my routine could do for my curls. This review is based on my first wash day experience so I will update this review if my opinion changes. See below for photos from my curly hair wash day (light SOTC).

What do you think of DevaCurl products? Have you tried them? What are your favorite products and why?

update: 10/25/2019

I am still loving  DevaCurl One Condition! It’s the way it works with my curly styling regimen. My curls hold for days. For example, I used the products I mentioned in #8 for my wash day. On day 2, I wore my curls in a pineapple all day and night.

curly pineapple hairstyle

For my day 3 refresh, I let my hair down, shook it around, fluffed my roots with a wide tooth comb and applied Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil with praying hands all over my curls. These are my results.

My curls are fluffy, hydrated and still feel so clean! What an easy refresh day. No water necessary for this curly girl today.

Update: 12/2/2019

I brought my DevaCurl One Condition to Sandals Grenada Resort. Check out my CURLY HAIR TRAVEL: HUMID CARIBBEAN WEATHER blog post to see my curls!


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