Morning, Ya’ll! I’m back from spending a week in my home state of New Hampshire. There is something special about spring in New England. The beauty of the crisp morning air, birds singing, ombre shades of green everywhere you look and all the locals smiling at the sun as they soak in its warmth! Even though I’m a Southern gal now, I still remember how good it felt to have the snowy, winter months behind me and summer days at the lake awaiting me.

Where i ate

Today was my second day back at the gym after a week of rest and traveling. I managed to stay on my Paleo, gluten free diet almost the entire trip. My first morning in the Lakes Region, I took my grandfather and brother out to eat at Kitchen Cravings. I had my usual plate of scrambled eggs, fruit and sausage with a much needed cup of coffee. This restaurant is my go-to for gluten free breakfast when I’m visiting NH.

Kitchen Cravings Gilford NH Gluten Free Breakfast
Kitchen Cravings of Gilford, NH

Family Together Drinking Coffee at Kitchen Cravings NH

I had to share a portrait of my grandfather and I. We have been going to to breakfasts together at Kitchen Cravings for years now. It’s “our place”. I loved how we even had matching coffee mugs. On a side note, this was day 2 of my curls refreshed with my handy-dandy spritzer bottle I packed with me. This was the first time I traveled “curly”. Much thanks to Controlled Chaos Curl Creme!

On day 2 of my trip, I allowed myself to split a vegetarian, GF pizza with my mom at Giuseppe’s in Meredith, NH. We sat outside, listened to the roaring waterfall behind us and chatted about our day spent with my niece and nephew. It was perfect.

Mill Falls Marketplace Where to Eat Gluten Free
Mill Falls Marketplace

When I visit my family, I try to be a good influence by cooking a meal or two. This trip I made one of my favorite skillet meals. It is pretty simple and easy to remember. The main ingredients are sweet potato, asparagus and chicken! This is also a fabulous weight training meal and is dairy free, gluten free and grain free.

Sweet Potato asparagus chicken skillet

sweet potato chicken skillet with calphalon serving utensils

Sweet Potato Asparagus Chicken Skillet

An easy to make and perfectly balanced meal consisting of:

  • Protein: Chicken
  • Complex, Starchy Carbohydrate: Sweet Potato
  • Complex, Fibrous Carbohydrate: Asparagus.

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease eleven years ago, I've been on a journey discovering what it means to be truly healthy. Join me as I share my personal fitness goals, gluten free recipes I've tried, travel tips, curly hair product reviews and all things creative.

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