In a nutshell, Shine with Jennifer Leigh (shinewithjl) is a gluten free recipe blog. However, I would like to think it is a source for healthy living tips and motivation to be a better you. The blog is primarily recipes, but I like to think they are an inspiration and a view into my personal life.

Eating food is a huge part of our every day living. It is social. It is emotional. It is necessary. That is why so much of my content revolves around this topic. You will also find tips on where to find and purchase organic food alternatives, how to travel with food allergies, chemical free, gluten free beauty product reviews and two of my favorite interests, decorating and photography.

My Goal: My goal with Shine with Jennifer Leigh is to encourage YOU to pursue healthy living, especially when it comes to the foods you eat, products you use and the places you go. If my blog inspires you to change your diet, exercise more or just become more aware of the ingredients that come in contact with your body, I’ll be a happy lady. At the end of the day, I hope better health makes you “shine”.


I’m originally from Gilford, NH but currently live in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been in the South for a while now, but still consider myself a New Englander.

I love to travel. My parents instilled the adventure bug in me at an early age of 3 when they road tripped to FL to spend a month on the beach. As I grew up we traveled all over the country including a 4-week cross country road trip with a camping trailer in tow. After college, I backpacked through Italy with a close friend and the whole world opened up to me. Since then, I’ve been spending more time in the tropics with my husband. We consider ourselves to be Sandals Resorts aficionados and have been 5 times. We are planning a 10-year anniversary trip to Italy so I can introduce my husband to Europe.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. While I don’t like waking up early, I DO enjoy starting the day at the gym. My husband has helped me understand the importance of weight lifting and I’ve grown to love it. We work out together and then come home for gluten free breakfast and organic coffee. I like to dabble in caffeinated beverages. Matcha tea lattes, French Press Coffee, Espresso and Pour Over Coffee can be found brewing in my kitchen any given day.


I started SHINEWITHJL in 2010 as a portrait photography company. At the time, I was working as an administrative assistant for a job placement business and wanted to earn additional money for traveling. After I married my sweetheart in 2011, he encouraged me to take it full time.

In late 2016 we moved to Charlotte and I shut the business down. Unfortunately, I missed blogging and interacting with my readers. Insert my passion for healthy living.

2010 was also the year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. For the past 9 years I have been on a journey to better understand this autoimmune disorder and what it means to be truly healthy. It is my passion to help others struggling to find answers or for those, like me, that need a gluten free community for support and encouragement.

SHINEWITHJL allows me to share my food and travel photography with you while giving me a forum to encourage you to make healthy choices so you can be the best you.