Well, we had one of those mornings… The alarm went off at 5:45 AM, we prepared ourselves for the gym and then never made it there. Well, we made it as far as the parking lot, took one look at the building and drove back down the street to Studio Coffee House. Some days, you just need to change it up a bit!

Nick and I aren’t what you would call, spontaneous people. We plan everything down to its minutia. However, sometimes we break out of our shells and do something different. We are usually pleasantly surprised by the results; however, this doesn’t change our OCD behavior.

As we both have entrepreneurial spirits, we believe in supporting small businesses. We also love to visit local coffee shops. So, it wasn’t too hard for us to put the car in reverse, drive South on Old Statesville Road and turn off when we saw the lit coffee sign at Studio Coffee.

There are so many reasons to visit Studio Coffee. One is their early hours. They are open at 6:00 AM! Second, they offer gluten free food, dairy alternatives (almond and my favorite, cashew milk) and the baristas are fun and informative. Today we learned about the upcoming cupping event and Chemex brewing.

Our coffee of choice was a dairy free pumpkin spice latte made with almond milk and organic pumpkin. I haven’t had a pumpkin spiced latte in years as the drinks from Starbucks would make me sick. This latte was SO good!

Since we were so early, Nick and I had plenty of time to sit, relax and talk about the week. It turned into a refreshing morning coffee date! Now, tomorrow morning should be interesting…getting up at 5:45 AM to make up that gym day from today. Looks like another cup of coffee might be in order!

If you are looking for a coffee shop in the Lake Norman area, close to Charlotte, Studio Coffee is the place to go!


Diagnosed with Celiac Disease eleven years ago, I've been on a journey discovering what it means to be truly healthy. Join me as I share my personal fitness goals, gluten free recipes I've tried, travel tips, curly hair product reviews and all things creative.

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