Do you have an upcoming girls night out and need ideas for things to do? With the popularity of AR Workshop and all things crafty, here is another creative class your friends will love: candle making. It’s an hour and a half and it’s BYOB!

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rosewood candle bar: location

Last month, Rosewood Candle Bar & Apothecary opened in Huntersville, North Carolina. It’s located right off Statesville Road, which makes it easy to get to from Birkdale or I-77.  If you know where the Showmars Restaurant is, then you’re good to go! The address is: 9630 Sherrill Estates Road, Suite A, Huntersville, NC 28078, US. Parking is free and plentiful.

The candle bar is open concept with five bar height wood tables. Each table seats four. Using basic math, you could have a girls craft party of 20! 🙂

booking your workshop

Visit the Book Your Class Page and choose a date and time. On the days Rosewood Candle Bar is open, they have three to four times allocated to candle pouring workshops. They are currently open Wednesday through Sunday.

If you want to book a candle making workshop for yourself AND your friends, the online platform does give you that option. Once you choose your class details, you will pay by credit card. An email confirming your class will follow shortly. A second email with an event reminder will arrive the day before your class.

Candle Pouring class

1. paperwork

Upon arriving to your class, first check in at the front door. You will be given a form to fill out and an information card that goes along with your candle for later pickup. Grab a seat anywhere you like.

2. choose candle jar

The second part of your workshop is picking the candle pouring jar of your choice. This may take you quite some time as every option is gorgeous!

There is an option to upgrade for $10-$15 if you would like the extra large containers featured at the front door when you first walk in. I chose the Textured Rose Gold container.

3. choose your scent

The third step is picking your desired scent. You are allowed to mix them. I was happy to hear that each scent was all natural and composed of aromatic isolates from nature and essential oils. You can choose from holiday scents, food scents and spa-like scents. I chose the Spiced Apple as it was perfect for the upcoming fall season.

4. candle measurements

Under your candle jar is a sticker containing the ingredients, number of wicks and weight measurements for your candle.

5. Wood Wicks

You have two options for wood wicks. One crackles when burning and the other is silent. I chose the crackling wicks, because who doesn’t love a crackling candle during fall?!

Adhere the wicks to the base of the candle jar with stickers.

6. Measure Melted Wax

Place your beaker on the scale and pour your melted wax until it reaches the measurements on your sticker. Remove from scale.

7. Measure Essential Oils

Place your beaker on the scale and pour your essential oils until it reaches the measurements on your sticker. Remove from scale.

8. mix ingredients

Pour essential oils into melted wax and stir for about 2 minutes.

9. pour melted wax

If you are interested in natural products, you will be excited to know that the candle wax is a blend of natural apricot and coconut waxes. There isn’t any soy or paraffin! I also asked if the ingredients were gluten free and they are.

Pour wax mixture into candle vessel until it almost reaches the top.

10. extra wax

If you have extra scented wax, there is a container provided for you to fill and take home. As your candle melts over time, you have wax refills!

11. pick up candle

As the candles take 3 to 4 hours to harden, you must part ways with them until a later date. Check the store hours on the website and pop in during that time. Your candle will be waiting for you with your information card you filled out!

12. Schedule a beauty class

Did you have a great time making candles? Visit Rosewood Candle Bar to make bar soap, shampoo, lotion, body wash, hand soap and conditioner. All items are partially organic and gluten free.

I tested each of the lotions and loved the Fig scent. The soap bars in the photo have orange peels in them!


If you are looking for girls night out ideas, a birthday craft party location or just need an indoor activity in the Lake Norman area, book a workshop at Rosewood Candle Bar & Apothecary.


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