Whether you knew it or not, the big hair trend for 2021 is a la naturale! According to RUSSH.com, this year is all about “fringes, curtain bangs and 70s-style layers. Embracing your natural hair is the mood of the moment.” To inspire your next salon visit, here is my latest haircut for curly hair.

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Summer Curly Haircut

My summer devacut. I have 2c 3a curly hair pattern. Tight coils around my face and wavy hair in the back. My curl specialist tends to give me a similar cut each salon visit. Shorter layers on the top and around my face.

Before Curly Haircut

Above, my hair is parted on both sides to show my natural curls before. My locks were soft and voluminous that day due to my chelation treatment. This is the process of removing the build up on your curls prior to color treatment.

After Curly Haircut

A dry-cutting technique was used to give me this curly hairstyle. Sometimes this is referred to as a curl by curl cut. The stylist will have you turn your head side to side while shaping your hair.

Curly Haircut Longevity

If this is your first devacut, be prepared for the price tag. This is a custom cut and the investment is worth it.

My curly haircuts last about 12 weeks. For instance, here are my curls 10 weeks after my cut.

shoulder length curly hair style with highlights

This is four days after wash day and my hair style is still retaining its shape! That’s when you know you have a great cut. (On a side note, the majority of my natural makeup look is from Thrive Causemetics products!)

Curly Hair Products

I’d be stretching the truth if I told you my hair naturally looked this good on its own. For me, it’s all about the styling products.

A Simple Curly Girl Styling Routine: Only 3 Products is a great blog to get you started. Currently, I’m only using 2 curly styling products. Both are Kinky Curly.

  1. After plopping, finger comb Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler
  2. Scrunch in Kinky Curly Original Curling Custard.

Haircut for Curly Hair Conclusion

Whether you are a trend setter this year or just need motivation to embrace your natural curls, talk to your stylist. My suggestion would be to Google “curly hair salon near me”. It’s all about the cut and you want to leave that to a professional.



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  1. Janeile Dockery Reply

    Thanks for all the hair cutting information and all the products you use. I too have natural curly hair but getting the perfect cut for my hair and the correct products is a nightmare. Keep giving the information it is so helpful! Thank you so much!

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply


      Thank you for the positive and encouraging comment! Good luck with your curly hair journey. Have you found any styling products that work for you?

      Your Curl Friend,
      Jennifer Leigh

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