A recent home remodel project, the naked windows in our guest room. I spent weeks researching budget friendly, affordable curtain panels that would not only look luxurious, but cost less than $100 each. Here are the best off-white curtains I could find and I’ve also included the 8 reasons why I love them!

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Best off-white curtain panels = half price drapes

The winner of the best off-white curtains goes to Half Price Drapes. I found them on Amazon, which makes shipping and returns easy. One of the two panels arrived with scuffs on them. I processed the return that day and received my new curtain panel a few days later, no questions asked.

1. Price

Currently in my home, I have sheer, linen curtain panels from IKEA (you can see them featured in Decorating On A Budget: Breakfast Nook and Living Room) and Pottery Barn Emery Linen Lined curtain panels. I wanted to find an option that was in between these two brands.  The IKEA linen curtains run about $40 per panel and the Pottery Barn curtains are almost $200 per panel (we splurged back in the day to match our furniture). What I love about these low-cost curtains are their price tag. I paid $55 per panel with free shipping (price may vary depending on when and where you purchase).

Pottery Barn Emery Linen Lined Curtains

2. ratings

At the time of purchase, these 50 x 96 off-white blackout curtains had loads of product ratings and questions.  People were certainly talking about this home decorating product!

3. variety

When I invest in home decor items, I want them to transcend time and space. If I were to move, could I use them in another home? Are they traditional in style? Will they fit my neutral decorating style? These off-white, velvet curtain panels check all the boxes.

They can be hung multiple ways allowing for unique looks. For instance, they can be hung with a curtain rod via the back tabs, the 3″ pole pocket or the use of ring clips.

4. size

My guest bedroom window is 77″ wide. The 50″ panels not only covered the window, but gave me room to spare. I extended the curtain rod 8″ beyond the sides of the window. This allowed my panels to hang just outside the window making it appear larger.

affordable cream curtain panelsI also purchased the 96″ long curtain panels. My ceilings are 9 feet tall and I find this length curtain is perfect for my space.

5. luxurious

I read all the reviews that raved how beautiful these curtains were. However, I did not fully believe them until I had them in my own hands. They are made from 100% polyester. The front of the curtain is a soft velvet and the back is a tan fabric that blocks out light. They look incredibly expensive!

6. weight

There is something to be said about equating quality with how heavy something is. These cream curtain panels are 6 pounds each! They even have a weighted hem to keep them secure at the base.

7. color

While I have a neutral color pallet in my home, you may prefer loads of color. Half Price Drapes offers several colors to choose from. They have everything from gold, to maroon to rose pink. They also have basic colors like brown, grey, black or ivory. My preference was the off-white curtains. It’s the closest color they have to white. The neutral color works wonderfully with everything. For instance, my walls are Revere Pewter in color and the curtains blend beautifully.

affordable off white curtain panels8. blackout

In our house, we do everything we can to get rid the room of light at night. We wear silk sleep masks and hang blackout curtains. These affordable curtain panels block out 80% – 90% of the light (with blinds behind them). Due to their weight, there is a hint of sound deadening as well.

As you can see from the photo (taken around 9:00 AM), there is a little light spilling out from the edges of the curtain panels. It is still drastically better than what we had before.

Curtain rod & accessories

The brushed nickel curtain rod and clips/rings I used in this room are the same throughout the entire house. They are also inexpensive, yet look as if you spent lots of money on them! Isn’t that what we are all looking for?!

cheap brushed nickel curtain rod
Brushed nickel curtain rod with urn styled finials.

Size: For this window I used the 72-144 inch single window treatment rod set by Decopolitan. They also come in 18-36 inch and 36-72 inch. The rod is 1″ in diameter and will hold heavier fabrics.

Quality: I can attest to the fact that they last. We’ve had our downstairs curtain rods for 3 years and they all look great.

Price: I purchased this rod, on sale on Amazon, for around $35 (the price may vary depending on when you purchase).

Style: It’s polished nickel (or Antique Silver per the company). The finials are classic or traditional in style.

Ring Clips: Decopolitan also makes metal clip rings to match their window treatment rods. I used 16 in total for my off-white curtain panels. The clips come in packs of 7. I had extra as we have an abundance of them for each room in the house. The clips can be removed and can also be used with pink hooks or pinch pleats.


I’m happy to say after a week of seeing these luxurious curtains hanging in my guest room, they still catch my eye. I am pleased with the quality, price and style. I wish I had known about these curtains ages ago. I would use them throughout my entire house.

03/01/2020 Update: We placed our home on the market and it sold over asking price in 24 hours. The buyers loved these curtain panels so much they asked for them in the contract. With such a great offer on the house, I threw them in. I can always order more from Amazon!

This review is my own opinion. I wasn’t given these curtains nor did I receive a discount. All thoughts are my own.

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