Exciting news for all you healthy lifestyle travelers! Sandals Royal Barbados has 2 new wellness inspired eateries. They opened this month and I am over the moon excited.

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If you follow my Sandals Resort travel plans, you learned that I had to cancel my 10 day trip to Sandals Royal Barbados last year due to the pandemic. This week, I visited Walgreens for my new passport photo and the plan is to rebook our vacation ASAP.

Sandals REsort Story

My husband and I have been traveling to the all-inclusive, couples only resorts since our honeymoon in 2011. Sandals Resorts has catered to my gluten free allergy and we’ve been loyal travelers ever since. Check out all my reviews and professional photos here.

Healthy Alternative Dining Options

Sandals Royal Barbados added 66 new suites along with these healthy alternative dining options.

“Sandals Royal Barbados is the ultimate indulgent resort for couples who are looking for top-of-the-line luxury. We’ve added more suites, restaurants, and pools to elevate our options which further enhance the already incredible guest experience,” said Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International.

Greenhouse: Rustic Farm-to-Table

Healthy Alternative Dining Sandals Royal Barbados
Photo courtesy of Sandals Resorts

Greenhouse serves breakfast from 8:00am – 11:00am and is resort casual in dress. A reservation is required for evening dining.

The nutritious food prepared at the Greenhouse is locally sourced from small-scale Barbadian farmers. If you prefer a vegan diet, there are several plant-based options available.

Looking at the farm-to-table menu, disappointingly, I do not see gluten free notations next to the menu items. Vegan, vegetarian and low sugar are noted. For Celiac or gluten sensitive diners, be sure to check with the chef.

Heart and Sol: Sandwiches and Smoothies

Smoothie Shop Sandals Royal Barbados
Photo courtesy of Sandals Resorts

When staying at a Sandals Resort, it’s easy to grab a pizza, ice cream or dessert throughout the day. If you are on a diet or looking for healthy alternative dining options, Heart and Sol is your place to go.

Heart and Sol serves breakfast and lunch from 7:00am – 5:00pm. Resort casual is the dress code. No reservation is required.

Once again, no gluten free options are noted on the soup, salad, sandwich and wrap menu. In the past, Sandals Resorts has had gluten free bread on hand. Make sure to inquire before ordering.

Healthy Dining at Sandals Resort Barbados

When you think of all-inclusive resorts, you think of free drinks, high calorie meals and sugary desserts. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation is possible when you stay at Sandals Royal Barbados.

After your workout at the Fitness Center, refresh with a nutrient-rich smoothie or juice. Greenhouse offers loads of protein filled entrees to curb those cravings and fuel your body.

Click the link below to learn more about Sandals Royal Barbados. I earn a small commission when you book online after reading my free helpful information.



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