If you read my most recent blog post (Number One Tip For Better Curls: It’s All About the Cut), you know how excited I was about my most recent curly girl hair cut. Unfortunately, right after my hair cuts, my curls are totally wonky. It’s almost as if they don’t know what to do for the first week. Have you ever experienced this?

Day 3 after my cut, my curls were dry and felt brittle. As I’d washed my hair twice this week (once the day before the cut and once at the salon), I didn’t want the extra work and time involved in a third wash.

I’m not a big fan of refresh days. There, I said it. I don’t like them. My success rate is extremely low and my curls always end up in a ponytail.  However, this refresh day was totally different. I just had to share my results with you!

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my curly hair refresh routine

The morning of my refresh day, I was up at 5:30 am as we had roofers arriving at the house. My husband and I were planning on spending the day at our favorite coffee shop, Defined Coffee of Lake Norman, to escape the incessant banging.

I had my hair in a ponytail the day before and I wan’t sure a refresh would work. However, when I’m not heading to the gym or grocery store I like my curls to look nice.

Here is my step by step guide to this week’s refresh:

Step 1

Sleep on a silk pillowcase. I absolutely adore my pillowcases. I pack them every time I travel and I won’t sleep on anything else. They make a huge difference with my curls. I’ve noticed less frizz around the crown of my head and my curls keep their shape and pattern better.

If you are worried about the cost, invest in only two. I change mine out each week when I change the sheets on the bed.

Step 2

Purchase a spray bottle. I prefer the Continuous Spray Bottle. It produces a fine mist that covers more of my hair without all the effort. When traveling, I empty it, store it in my luggage and fill it back up when I arrive at my destination.

Fill your spray bottle with water and a little of your favorite leave in conditioner. I added a few drops of Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner, closed the bottle and shook it until it was diluted.

Step 3

Section hair and start spraying the bottom layer. To encourage my hair to soak in the water, I used the praying hands method. I have low porosity curls and the water just beads up on my hair follicles.

Once my hair is damp to wet, I finger comb my curls with a little curl cream. I chose to use Curls Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream. You don’t need much! I used the rake and shake method while applying the cream. If you haven’t heard of this method before, it’s simple. Finger comb through a section of hair, as you reach the end of your hair squeeze it and give it a shake with your wrist. You will magically see your curls starting to form.

Step 4

While still on my bottom section of curls, I scrunched in a tiny bit of Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Be sure to use a dime sized amount. You are reactivating the styling product already in your hair.

If you are interested to know the curly hair styling products I used in my hair three days prior, check out my this blog post. It’s a collection of gluten free Davines products.

Step 5

Continue Step 1 to Step 4 until you have finished every section of curls. Now you are ready to diffuse. Get out your favorite hair dryer and diffuser. I use a BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer. I have used this dryer for years and love how efficient and quiet it is.

Diffuse in sections switching from cool to medium heat. Finish with cool air. Scrunch out the crunch or not. You decide!

For the first time, I let the curls around the crown of my head do whatever they wanted. My latest curly hairstyle left short ringlets around my face. I loved how they not only added volume to my part but gave me beautiful framing around my face.

I am learning to chill out more when it comes to my hair. Sometimes, letting your curls be free can lead to such a fun hair day. Why fight it, right?


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