Hey there, sun-seekers and beach dreamers! 🌴 Are you thrilled about unlocking the Sandals Resort Free 7-Night Stay Award? Well, it’s time to turn that joy into an extraordinary beach holiday! Here’s your essential guide to leveraging this fantastic reward. **Updated 5/9/2024: We just booked our FREE all-inclusive vacation and I’ve included important details below.

Free 7-Night Stay Award_ A Step-By-Step Guide

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1. Claiming Your Free 7-Night Stay Award 🏖️

Reaching 70 nights at a Sandals Resort is a big deal (huge congrats!), and it earns you the fabulous Free 7-Night Stay Award. At the Member Appreciation Dinner, which lights up every Tuesday night, the resort manager will hand you your Free Week Certificate. Picture this: a whole week in a tropical haven, absolutely free!

ShinewithJL earning free week at Sandals Resort
Candid moment before earning our free week at Sandals Resort.

Quick Travel Tip: Keep your email details updated in your Sandals Select profile, as you’ll receive important follow-up information once you’re back in the realm of the ordinary. Sandals Select Login

2. Scheduling Your Free 7-Night Stay 📞

Got your heart set on booking your Free 7-Night Stay while still at the resort? Hold that thought! You’ll need to make the call once you’re back home. For inquiries, the Travel and Loyalty Office at the resort is your go-to spot, but remember, booking happens via phone. In North America, dial (800) 669-4774 and select option 2, and UK travelers, it’s 0800 197 8946. Reach out Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 7:00pm EST.

Quick Reservation Booking Tip: Be prepared to spend 60 minutes or more when booking your 7 day resort stay. We were on hold for 30 minutes waiting to speak to a Sandals Select Representative.

3. Navigating Blackout Dates 📅

Beware the blackout dates! They’re a thing, and they’ll shape your booking plans. Be sure to inquire about these specific dates when you make your booking call.

When are the blackout dates for Sandals free week?

We were informed blackout dates were the following:

  • Few days before and after President’s Day
  • December 28, 2024 – January 1, 2025

4. Extending Your Paradise Stay 🌅

Craving more than seven days of bliss? For any additional nights, you’ll need a separate booking and might face a room swap. Insider tip: Make it clear you don’t want to switch rooms. Repeat this during every interaction, quoting both your Free 7-Night Stay and extension confirmation numbers!

5. Choose Your Dream Destination ✈️

Your Free 7-Night Stay is your golden ticket to any Sandals Resort or Sandals Beaches Resort, not just where you earned it. But keep in mind, Fowl Cay and Your Jamaican Villas are exceptions to this offer.

Deciding on the Perfect Resort for Your Free 7-Night Stay 🌍

Choosing the right Sandals or Beaches Resort for your Free 7-Night Stay Award can be as exciting as the stay itself! To make an informed decision, consider what kind of experience you’re seeking. Are you after romance and seclusion, or are you craving adventure and activities?

Research the unique features of each resort. For example, if you’re a diving enthusiast, look for resorts with comprehensive dive programs. If relaxation is your main goal, find a resort known for its serene beaches and spa facilities. Also, take into account the dining options, as each resort has its unique culinary offerings.

And don’t forget to read recent reviews from travelers, like Shine with Jennifer Leigh, to get real-life insights into each location. Your perfect Sandals or Beaches Resort is out there waiting to make your Free 7-Night Stay a dream come true!

6. The Luxury of Choice in Room Type 🏠

Your usual room style influences your Free 7-Night Stay. If you’re a fan of Club Level or Butler Rooms, that’s the level of luxury awaiting you.

Sandals Halcyon Joli Beachfront Butler Suite
Photo courtesy Sandals Resort. Sandals Halcyon Joli Beachfront Butler Suite

Quick Travel Booking Tip: While Sandals Resort states that your complimentary vacation is based off the averages of your 70+ night stays, we found it to be a room type below. For instance, we have stayed 3 times at Sandals Grenada in the following room types: WWJS, WJS, and PR. We were told we were eligible for a JS room.

In addition, we were told that our complimentary stay did not include any specials or promotions.

7. Upgrading Your Room? Absolutely! 🌟

Eyeing a room upgrade? You can elevate your stay and pay the difference. Just remember, this offer is exclusive of other promotions and certain discounts.

Quick Travel Booking Tip: Be sure to know your current Sandals Select Points Balance before calling. You may use these funds for additional nights.

Sandals Select Loyalty Program Fine Print: “If a Member would like to upgrade or add additional nights the Member must pay the full difference in price. No additional promotions are eligible and free weeks are not eligible for the redemption of Bank of America WorldPoints, Sandals Select Rewards points, Military /IAFF/Police/FEMA/Firefighter discounts and credit nights.”

8. Don’t Miss Out: Use Your Award ⏳

Your Free 7-Night Stay Award isn’t an eternal offer. You have two years to enjoy it, but the catch is you need to book within the first 12 months.

So, there you have it! Your Free 7-Night Stay Award at Sandals Resort is a treasure waiting to be cherished. With these tips, you’re all set for a getaway that’s both luxurious and savvy. Here’s to sun-filled days and starlit nights on the beach! Cheers to your next unforgettable journey! Leave a comment below on where you’d like to use your Free Week at Sandals.🍹🌊✨


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