Surprise! Here is something a little different for your reading and decorating pleasure. I have a few more talents than a gluten free cook, photographer and blogger. As a creative individual, I also like to decorate. I have a soft spot for hospitality and am always trying to make my home a welcome oasis to friends and family.

Everyone has their own decorating style. Mine usually encompasses a mix of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I guess that would be rustic, cottage chic with a splash of elegance here and there.

When we moved to North Carolina last year, our goal was to rethink everything. That meant finances, lifestyle, health, etc. We wanted every area of our life to be less stressful. When it came to our home purchase, we downsized. It was a hard decision, but a smaller mortgage, less yard to keep up with and less furniture and “things” was refreshing.

Our decision to live a bit more simply was future thinking. One day, we may rent this home out and that is reflected in many of our decisions regarding financial investments in the property. With that in mind, my decorating has evolved into a minimalist style.

Living minimally does not have to mean saying no to simple pleasures in life. It really means taking time to enjoy what you have. For me, I saw so much potential in our Charleston style master bedroom balcony. It could be a cozy place where my husband and I end a long day and chat over a glass of wine or a refreshing place to wake up to Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. My goal was to design a place of rest AND do it simply. Here are the 3 design elements I used to decorate my small balcony.

1. Furniture

My first hurtle was the size of the balcony and furniture choices. It is 12 feet long by 4 feet wide. A narrow balcony space requiring small furniture. I searched and searched for comfortable chairs. My search parameters were petite bistro sets. Have you tried to sit on one of those chairs for any length of time? Yikes! I think our peaceful evenings and mornings on the balcony would have lasted about ten minutes! Most of the sets included metal, folding chairs without arm rests or back support. I continued my quest and found this Latigo 3-pc. Rattan Patio Chat Set by Threshold that had style, arm rests, back support AND cushions!

My favorite part about this patio furniture set is the ombre shades of grey in the handwoven wicker. It matches well with the cool tones of the outside of the house. The off-white pillows are neutral and could be changed out to pillows of other colors and patterns in the future. The chairs sit low to the ground, which gives the space an intimate feel.

2. outdoor rug

Our balcony is made of wood that has aged over time. After getting a splinter in my foot, I decided to find an outdoor rug for the space. As there aren’t any rugs made for our space parameters, a runner seemed an ideal solution. I found this 2.6 foot by 8 foot grey and bone colored rug by Safavieh Courtyard Collection. It is soft to the touch and the blueish grey matches beautifully with the color of the house.

grey and bone striped indoor/outdoor rug runner by Safavieh Courtyard Collection
Grey and bone striped indoor/outdoor rug runner by Safavieh Courtyard Collection

3. plants

I don’t have a green thumb. Most of my plants I “over care” for and they drown to death. Nevertheless, plants are important to a space and I was adamant about using them with a purpose in this balcony space. I chose lavender for its scent and the color also worked with my design palette. The great part about the lavender plant is it repels pests like mosquitoes, fleas and moths. The plant and pot were purchased at Lowes and the plant stand by Down Under. The rolling plant stand is wonderful as lavender likes 6 hours of direct sun and I need to move it daily. I’ll be adding one or two more plants to the shady part of the balcony, but am still researching those. If any of you have suggestions, please let me know!

If you have a small balcony and have been looking for decor inspiration, I hope this blog post has helped. It is possible to create a small oasis at home with a minimalist style. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some advice for your small balcony space.

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