Our second all inclusive vacation to Pink Gin Beach. The following 12 tips for your Sandals Grenada Vacation are not exhaustive and you can learn even more from my previous blog posts: Sandals LaSource Grenada Pros and Cons and my Sandals Grenada Property Tour.

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12/23/2023 Travel Update

If you’re dreaming of a getaway filled with sun, fun, and unforgettable experiences, you’ve got to check out my latest blog post. I’ve just returned from Sandals Grenada, and oh boy, do I have stories to share! From sizzling beach days to vibrant cultural encounters, I’ve packed my post with all the juicy details and insider tips. Perfect for those seeking a slice of paradise or just a fun read from your couch. So, grab a cup of something yummy, click Savoring Sunshine: A Vibrant Return to Sandals Grenada, and let’s dive into an adventure together!

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Google Reviews: 4.6

1. Reserve Your Pool Chairs Before 6:30 AM

According to the Sandals Resort newsletter (you receive one of these in your room), you can reserve sunbeds after 6:30 AM. However, by this time, the Sandals butlers have started saving the lounge chairs and you will have few options.

We arrived slightly before and left a few belongings (magazines, sun tan lotion, pool towels, etc.). Simply put, if you see the butlers starting to reserve pool chairs, you can reserve them too.

padded pool lounge chairs by hot tub at sandals grenada resort

2. South Seas Premium Rooms Better Layout

As I mentioned in  my first Sandals LaSource Grenada Review, most South Seas rooms have an open floor plan with the shower located inside the bedroom. We were not fans as the shower left the room damp and all the furniture swelled from the humidity.

On our second vacation to Grenada, we booked a South Seas Premium room with a separate bathroom. (You can see photos of the South Seas Village at my Sandals Grenada Photography Tour.)We were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful tiled shower with cathedral ceiling, skylight and bench. This room type was also closer to the amenities and had a better view from the private balcony. Plus, you still had access to a quiet plunge pool right outside your room.

3. Candlelight Dinner On the Beach – pros & cons

When we booked our 10-night Caribbean vacation at Sandals Grenada, our vacation package came with a free candlelight dinner. You have two location choices: by the pool or the beach.

The meal choices for your romantic dinner are different than anything you will find on the restaurant menus. If you have a long stay planned, this is one way to add variety to your dinner options.

Be prepared to have your quiet, intimate dinner interrupted by a portrait photographer. As it was Thanksgiving, we thought we would allow a quick shoot to capture the moment.

candlelight dinner on pink gin beach at sandals grenada

If your dinner is on the beach, spray your feet with bug repellent. The sand fleas and bugs were quite pesky and we were glad we thought ahead.

4. Red Lane Spa: Body Scrub Review

Our Sandals Resort all inclusive vacation package came with spa treatment credits. We tried the Papaya-Pineapple Salt Mousse body scrub followed by a Couple’s Massage. This was my first time experiencing a scrub and I did not enjoy it. The scrub had sea salt in it, which made my legs burn.

Don’t shave your legs or body the day you have this spa scrub scheduled. It will make a world of difference.  For a different opinion all together, my husband enjoyed it and did not have the same reaction to the scrub as I did!

5. SnapShots Retail Experience Needs Updating

We have experienced the inefficient SnapShots Retail office at every Sandals Resort we have visited. Be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour choosing a simple photography package.

We found visiting the office while most guests are at dinner is the best time. Be prepared to drop $100+ on photos.

6. smart TV in Room Is Dumb

Two years later and our in room television was not any smarter than before. One day, when the tv works properly, you will be able to access and purchase your photos from the SnapShots office, see the weekly activity schedule and learn more about the restaurants.

Sandals Resort Grenada South Seas Premium Room
Sandals Resort Grenada South Seas Premium Room

If you enjoy watching television before bed, you will not find much to watch. There are several local channels but that is about it. We encountered rain during our first few days on the island and were bummed to find limited options to watch.

7. Enjoy the Staff at Sandals Grenada

One of the reasons Sandals Grenada is our favorite Sandals Resort, are the wonderful staff. The Grenadian people are friendly, helpful and happy. Here are a few I recommend getting to know:

  • Shari: She was our private butler during our candlelight dinner. Shari made the trek back and forth to the restaurant multiple times to deliver our meals AND double check ingredients for my gluten allergy. (Read my gluten free restaurant review of Sandals Grenada.) If you book a romantic dinner, ask for Shari.
  • Rachel – What a joy it was to interact with Rachel at Café de Paris. She went above and beyond to make our stay phenomenal. We mentioned our favorite Gluten Free Bailey’s Cheesecake was nowhere to be seen and she had the kitchen make us enough to last our whole stay. She kept them in a private spot in the café fridge and checked to see if we wanted one each time we visited.
  • L’Oreal – This beautiful lady was always on the lookout for us. Whenever she would see us around the property, she would say hello. At breakfast at LaJardinier, she remembered we preferred almond milk with our coffee without us saying anything!
  • Sheronna – You will find Sheronna at Café de Paris in the evenings. She is sweet as can be and we enjoyed chatting with her each evening after dinner.
Sheronna from Cafe de Paris at Sandals Grenada Resort

8. Avoid Smoking Stations

While it is strictly prohibited to smoke and vape in the public areas, including the beach, main pools and swim up bars, there are designated smoking areas throughout the Sandals Grenada. The locations of these designated areas are not well thought out.

sandals grenada designated smoking area outside restaurant

9. Skip the Come Back Soon Event

Once you have visited any Sandals Resort, you have an open invitation to the Come Back Soon Dinner Event. This normally consists of cocktails and mingling with other guests, dinner and awards. We were unimpressed by our last Come Back Soon Event as it was one large sales pitch.

10. Make Use of the Loop

This was our first trip where we utilized the Sandals and Beaches App daily. For instance, each time we were impressed by one of the Sandals Resort staff, we would write a recommendation on the Loop.

Another time, we requested more almond milk in the cafe. Almond milk was immediately delivered to our room.

Each time we used the app, within 24 hours, we had a response from management. Download the Sandals and Beaches app to your phone prior to your vacation. Once you are checked into the resort, you will have access to the Loop.

**12/29/2023 – UPDATE: We just returned home from our Third All-Inclusive Vacation at Sandals Grenada. Sandals Resort has updated their technology from The Loop to GINA. 

11. Plan your next sandals vacation with friends

This Sandals Grenada vacation was unique for us. We planned a couples getaway with friends we made during our first Grenada vacation two years earlier. Be sure to add your new Sandals friend’s email and phone numbers to your cell phone so you can stay in touch and share photos from your vacation.

12. Book your next Sandals Vacation At the Resort

This was our first time booking our next Sandals Resort all inclusive vacation package on site. Normally, we check the resort rates for when we want to book, visit the sales office, double check the figures and book the Caribbean travel ourselves. We made sure to do our homework first and then took advantage of the additional 10% off you receive when booking on site.

Sandals Grenada South Seas Main Pool and Property
Pool and Property of Sandals Grenada: Photo by Jennifer Leigh Adams

A deposit is required and there is not much flexibility if you need to reschedule. You have 6 months on either side of your vacation where you can reschedule without loosing your deposit. However, you will lose any special deals and your room rates are subject to the time of scheduling.

Sandals Grenada Tips: Conclusion

I hope these little known tips for your Sandals Grenada vacation come in handy! I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t enjoyed their stay at the Pink Gin Beach location. If you have any questions, send them my way. With 65 nights logged at Sandals Resort locations, I have loads of travel information to share.

Sandals Lasource Grenada makes the top of our all inclusive resort vacation list and we would most certainly visit again. The weather, staff, gluten free food options, activities and proximity to the airport make this location a must visit.

If you found my information helpful, please click the “Book Online Now” link. It will take you to the Sandals Resort website where you can book your travel. A small commission amount will be sent to me from Sandals at no cost to you. It helps me keep my website running! Thanks so much. Enjoy your vacation/holiday.

This review of the Sandals Grenada resort is not a sponsored article. I have personally paid to stay at this resort and all opinions are my own.


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  1. Hi Jennifer!

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    Thank you in advance and take care!

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply

      Hello Adi,

      Unfortunately, our next Sandals Resort vacation will be in Nassau. We will most certainly be back to Grenada. It is our favorite destination!

      Happy Sailing,
      Shine with Jennifer Leigh

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