Are you still plopping your curly hair with cotton t-shirts? Upgrade your wash day with this microfiber towel for curly hair.

3/27/2023 – UPDATE: I am still using this microfiber towel for every curly hair wash day. 12 months later, the fabric looks barely used. The detangling brush is permanently in my shower!

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Curly girl Details

I have utilized a cotton t-shirt since the beginning of my curly girl journey. However, I was embarrassed to have anyone see me. Plus, I wanted to reduce my curls drying time a bit.

My Curly Hair Type

  • Thick, long layered curly hair
  • Low porosity
  • 2c curly hair
  • 3a curly hair
  • Lightly colored

My Testing Method

Before writing this microfiber towel review, I spent weeks testing it out. Here are the different methods of curly hair styling I tried.

  1. No product. Curls twisted in wrap. Styling products applied and diffused.
  2. Leave in conditioner. Curls twisted in wrap. KinkyCurly Custard scrunched in and diffused.
  3. All styling products. Curls twisted. Diffused.
  4. No products. Curls plopped. My 2 favorite curly products applied and diffused. (I love damp styling!)
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plopping towel review perfect haircare

Microfiber Towel Review


  • Method number 4 worked the best for me. This microfiber towel for curly hair is great for plopping.
  • Soaks water out curls quickly and without the frizz. The result: drying time went from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • The fabric is soft, and dries quickly. I can hang it up and use it more than once. Plus, it does not damage my curls.
  • This fast drying turban looks elegant on.
  • I recommended this microfiber towel to my curly stylist, she tried it and now it is permanently in her salon! She is recommending it to all her curly customers.
plopping towel fabric options
Top: Towel - Middle: Microfiber - Bottom: T-shirt


Using the microfiber hair towel as a turban stretched my curls out every single time. I could not make them bounce back unless I added water. The whole point of this new drying towel was to reduce time with my hair dryer.

Switching my hair routine from plopping with a t-shirt to this microfiber towel took some trial and error. It is quite different from a towel or cotton.

Plopping Results

Microfiber Hair Towel Conclusion

If you are suffering from lengthy drying times, t-shirts that never stay on or that “I can’t let someone see me like this,” try The Perfect Haircare towel wrap. It even comes with a detangling brush!

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments. Love it? or Return to the t-shirt?


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  1. Thank you Jennifer for doing all the hard work and finding the perfect haircare ultra-fine microfiber hair towel. At Merlin’s curly hair is our specialty, we are always on the look out for curly hair products that save time and protect our curls. We love it!
    We also recommend it to our curly clients.
    Thanks Jennifer
    Owner Merlin’s Ultimate Images LLC
    Manchester NH.

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply


      I’m so happy the microfiber towel for curly hair is saving time for your clients at Merlin’s Ultimate Images! Just a few more weeks before my next curly hair cut and color. I look forward to chatting with you soon!

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback and comment on my curly blog!

      Shine with Jennifer Leigh

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