So…yesterday was the 2017 eclipse. Yup, I think we’ve all heard about enough about the eclipse glasses. Although, yesterday was a pretty cool thing to experience. I stepped out on our balcony just as the eclipse happened. Living in Charlotte, we had about 98% coverage. My husband was bummed that it didn’t get completely dark out. I have to admit, I was expecting something similar. It was fun to see all my neighbors popping outside with their glasses on.

Photo of the 2017 eclipse from my iPhone.

Yesterday was also an awesome day because I started practicing yoga again. There is this amazing website called, Do Yoga With Me. Their videos are free! I’m starting back up with the beginner videos and after two days I’ve already noticed a difference. Here is a link to the yoga class I took today on Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back.

Another fantastic experience yesterday involves food. I returned to an old recipe and tried a new recipe. Both were devoured so quickly I could only snap a photo with my iPhone. Here they are:

paleo sweet and spicy chicken with dairy free coleslaw
Paleo Sweet & Spicy Chicken with Dairy Free Coleslaw

The Sweet and Spicy Chicken was an old recipe that I hadn’t quite mastered yet. While I did set off the smoke detector this time, due to a lack of trimming the parchment paper, the tenders came out juicy and crispy.

The coleslaw was new for me. I have never enjoyed coleslaw and have always felt it was too slimy. While browsing Earth Fare’s produce department, I came across a package of shredded vegetables designed for coleslaw. The vegetable mixture contained broccoli, carrots and cabbage. My intent was to make a dairy free coleslaw for my husband. However, I tried it and LOVED it!

How’d you spend your 2017 Eclipse Day?


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