For all my glasses wearing friends out there, have you tried Warby Parker? I have worn prescription glasses since I was diagnosed as nearsighted way back in the first grade. Frames have come a LONG way since then.

how is warby parker different

First, you no longer are limited to the variety sold to you at your local optometrist office. Warby Parker has an array of unisex glasses in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Second, you no longer are confined to the pricing structure at one vendor. You can choose from Warby Parker’s affordable glasses. Most insurance carriers cover the frames and lenses from this shop. The last time we purchased glasses from our local optometrist, our bill was over $400! Our two pairs of glasses from Warby Parker after insurance were $100. We were shocked by the savings.

Third, you can try on lenses in the store (Without your eyes being dilated. Raise your hand if you can relate.) or have 5 pairs mailed to you free of charge to try on at home. As we have a brick and mortar shop within 30 minutes of our home in Charlotte, we chose to visit the store. It also helps that one of our favorite coffee shops shares the space in Atherton Mill. ha ha!

 My first try-on experience

After our check up at the optometrist, we requested a print out of our prescription. We made sure to bring this with us to the store. I still love my current glasses and my eyes had changed minimally. So, I decided to try out a pair of prescription sunglasses.

day 3 curls updo with headband mintGemma

My eye immediately went to the Gemma style. The deep blue color was beautiful and looked great with my cool-toned skin.


My second choice was Piper. I liked the coverage, the fit for my face size and the understated cat-eye.


While the store was busy, it was easy to get the attention of a Warby Parker agent. Within 10 minutes, I was fitted and had ordered my sunglasses. What I love about Warby Parker is that I’m not purchasing the frames from the store where hundreds of people have tried them on. I get a brand new frame mailed to me!

How your warby parker glasses arrive

Within two weeks, my prescription eyewear arrived via USPS. Here is what you can expect.

second thoughts

Like me, you may have second thoughts after ordering your prescription eyewear. Maybe you wore your hair different the day your tried them on for the first time. Maybe the mirrors in your house make you look different. Whatever it may be, Warby Parker has a 30-day return policy. When I tried my Gemma glasses on at home, I noticed they were so heavy they slipped down my nose constantly. They also looked a tad too large for my small face.

blue gemma sunglasses warby parkerWhen I walked into Warby Parker to return my glasses, I needed assistance to figure out why my first pair didn’t look right. The customer service agent told me that I needed to look at the numbers on the frames. For instance: Gemma 52 22 142 and Piper 54 18 140.

Image by Warby Parker.

My problem was the bridge width. I needed a number around 17 or 18. As Piper was my second choice and the bridge width was 18, I chose to order these.

After they arrived, I made a trip to Warby Parker and they custom fit the frames to my face.

piper sunglasses warby parker

How are the glasses holding up

I have had my glasses for about one month now. I wear them driving and when I’m sitting at the pool. The frames have held up well. They sit far enough from my eyes that my lashes don’t leave smudges on them. Since the bridge width is smaller, the sunglasses don’t fall down my nose. The only complaint I have is that the Warby Parker logo glued to the frame has already fallen off. Since that part of the frame sits behind my ear, I don’t mind much. However, I’d expect a bit more for a $175 pair of sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

As of today, Warby Parker no longer carries the blue Gemma sunglasses. However, I noticed they have a new style called Phoebe in Lapis Crystal. I wish this style was around when I looked because the bridge width is 17, which makes it great for petite faces!

If you are in the Charlotte, there are now two locations!

  • Atherton Mill: 2000 South Boulevard
  • SouthPark: 4400 Sharon Road (Opening in 2019)

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