It was a sad day as I strolled into Sanctuary Salon and Spa for my last curly girl cut. In two weeks, Nick and I would be moving to New Hampshire. Taking a plane flight to Cornelius, North Carolina, for a hair cut is a bit out of the question. Although, I have considered it! That’s how much I love my stylist.

The goal for this DevaCurl cut was long lasting shape as I did not know when my next cut would be. Below are the details on how my stylists cut and styled my curls.

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Curly Girl Cut

My stylist, Bettina, tried a new curly cut technique on my hair. Rather than cutting each individual curl, she broke up my curls with her fingers and shaped my hair with each snip of her scissors.

The result was a beautifully shaped curly cut that will last much longer between salon visits. (Which I’ll need as I’m searching for a curly girl stylists in New Hampshire.) Bettina learned this technique from Krista who learned it from Kristy Ramos (@curlsbysunflowersandscissors).

Curly Hair Styling

Bettina’s assistant, Krista (@the.squirrely.curls), followed up my cut with a good cleanser, Davines Solu Shampoo. I had so much buildup on my 2c 3a curls that they were beginning to look flat and lifeless in the back.

After cleansing my hair twice, Krista used a protein-rich conditioner, Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, to add moisture back into my hair. She used a detangler brush to tame my tangles and smooth out my coils. The brush she used was called Brush with the Best. Normally, my low porosity curls do not like protein. However, they still need it from time to time. The results proved how much my curls wanted that protein!

shoulder length 2c 3a curls after devacurl cut

Krista only used two products to style my hair: Davines OI All in One Milk and Davines This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel. We were trying to go for light control resulting in soft, voluminous curls. She followed the application of product with diffusing my hair upside down. What do you think of my before and after?

initial thoughts

If I did not trust my stylist, I would never have allowed her to cut my curls in this manner. I was certainly scared and nervous during the process.

For the last couple years, my curly hair stylist has cut each curl individually. My curls have always responded positively. However, after a few weeks, I would lose the shape that my stylist worked so hard to create. My curls were still healthy and voluminous, but lacking in style.

I’ll be interested to see, over time, how my curls adjust and if they keep their shape.

Styling Products

wash day results

It’s always hard to wait until wash day to see your at home results. I normally wash my curls once per week. This meant, I waited 7 days before I saw how my curls would look with my personal curly styling products. Below are the results.

curly hair wash day results after deva curl cut
natural curly hairstyle wash day products

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  1. Its not in New Hampshire, but just over the border in Beverly, MA you will find Cala Renee Salon. They do AWESOME work especially for curly girls. I have a similar issue with my bottom layers going flat, and my stylist did a wonderful job helping me perk them up. Good luck on your search.

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply


      Thanks so much for the curly hair stylist suggestion! I checked out the Cala Renee Salon website and they even have curly hair tips:

      Once I put together a New England curly girl salon list, I will make sure to add them.

      All the best,

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