Well, it’s been another 12 weeks! I know how fast life is flying by when it’s time for another curly cut.

Oftentimes, I’m asked what styling products I use to make my curls look so good. My answer is simple. It’s all about the curly cut.

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#1 Tip for better curls: The cut

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my curly hair journey is the importance of a good cut.  All the curly products in the world will only get you so far when it comes to encouraging your hair to form those beautiful coils.

I started noticing results when I had my first curly girl cut in 2017. To see each of my natural curly hair cuts or for curly hairstyle inspiration, see all my hair cuts.

tapered layered curly hairstyle
First curly girl cut in May of 2017.

Curly girl cut as of July 2019.

What does a curly cut look like?

For those of you just starting the curly girl journey or for those looking for that missing piece of the equation, a visit to the salon may be all you need. Here is what you should expect when getting a curly cut:

  1. Find a stylist that is Deva certified or has experience cutting curly or textured hair.
  2. Visit the salon with day 1 or day 2 styled hair.
  3. Bring photos of other curly hairstyles to help your stylist understand your expectations.
  4. Your curls will be cut dry.
  5. Your curls will be cut individually.
  6. Your hair cut will be a shaping of your hair. *See my photos below for an example of curl shaping.*
  7. When finished, your stylist will wash your hair and style it.
  8. Once dry, your curls will be looked over for any that need to be trimmed.

I would highly recommend reading reviews before visiting a stylist. Look for before and after photos of natural curly hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to try a stylist that isn’t Deva certified. My stylist isn’t, but she has been trained on how to properly cut curls. The evidence of my curls is enough to prove that experience  can trump certification.

how much does a curly cut cost?

I have browsed the internet and seen prices from $75 all the way to $250 for a first time cut. If the price is keeping you from trying the cut, let me ask you a couple questions.

Do you dislike your curls? Do you try desperately to fight your natural waves in an effort to like what you see in the mirror?

In the past, I could say yes to both questions. My entire life I spent running away from my natural hair. Once I found a curly hair stylist, it changed my life. 🙂 Can you put a price tag on that?

my latest curly hairstyle

curly hair products

Below is a list of the salon products used to style my shoulder length, 2c 3a curls after they were cut and washed with Davines Love Curl Shampoo and Davines Love Curl Conditioner. The list of curly hair products includes a hydrating milk for combating frizz, a curl mousse, a curl serum and a medium hold gel. I have placed them in the order they were applied to my curly hair.

Click on each product for purchase on Amazon. No need to drive to your local salon to find these amazing products!


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