sausage omelet with strawberries on white plate
sausage omelet with strawberries on white plate

Gluten Free Sausage Gravy Omelet


May 20, 2019

A protein rich breakfast we love to eat after a big morning workout. This omelet has a sweet, nutty flavor to it thanks to the almond flour and milk. This recipe feeds two so enjoy it with your significant other or friend.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo-Friendly

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 2 - 4 Servings


4 oz. Breakfast Pork Sausage

3 tbsp Super-Fine Almond Flour, blanched whole almonds

2 cups Unsweetened Plain Almond Milk

1 tbsp Clarified Butter/Ghee

6 Pasture-Raised Eggs


Sausage Gravy

1In an iron skillet, warmed to medium/high heat, cook pork until no longer pink.

2Add almond flour and mix until combined.

3Add almond milk and simmer until mixture reaches the thickness you prefer. I cooked until almost all milk had evaporated.

4Take off heat and set aside.


1Whisk first three eggs with one tablespoon of filtered water.

2Warm fry pan with low to medium heat.

3Add 1/2 tablespoon ghee to pan and swirl to cover base.

4Pour egg mixture into fully warmed pan.

5Cook until the top of egg is fully done. Add half sausage gravy mixture to one half of omelet.

6Fold omelet in half and place on plate. Repeat for second omelet.

I absolutely love making this meal in my cast iron skillet. We enjoy this breakfast with a bowl of fresh, organic fruit. It balances out the salty with sweet.

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