If you are a visual person, photos play a big part when booking a vacation destination. Since this was my second stay at Sandals Grenada, I decided to create a photography tour of the resort. Review the property map below where I have given you a numerical order of our walk through Sandals Grenada.

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Sandals Grenada Tour

Sandals Grenada Resort Map courtesy of Sandals Resort
Photo from Sandals.com

1. Pink Gin Village

To begin your tour, envision yourself standing at the top floor of the Pink Gin Village. From here you can see the Pink Gin Beach, Pink Gin Village Pool (the quiet, reading pool), the Main Bar and Living Room (where most evening entertainment happens), Neptune’s Restaurant, the whirlpool, shuffleboard and Spices Restaurant.

*Tip: Hover over images to read more details on the location.

2. Pink Gin Beach

As we walk the 4 to 5 flights back down to the beach from the Pink Gin Village, we immediately find our toes in the sand of Pink Gin Beach. This is a small beach and not one for walking. (If you are looking for a walkable beach, check out my review of Sandals Grande Antigua.)

Sandals Grenada offers several options for spending your day on the beach. Choose from hammocks made for two, lounge chairs for working on your tan, circular floating rafts for cooling off in the ocean or cushioned furniture setup by the fire pits. Play jumbo connect four (I now want one of these for summer parties!) by the pool or join in on a corn-hole game. Walk out to the gazebo and watch the colorful fish and crabs as they search for food.

3. Pink Gin Village Pool, Bar & restaurants

As you return from your stroll on Pink Gin Beach, you enter the Pink Gin Village Pool area. Here most of the lounge chairs have umbrellas and tables for your Amazon Kindle, drinks, towels and books. *Tip: You can start reserving pool chairs as early as 6:00 AM. This is the same time the butlers are beginning their rounds. Make sure to save your spots by this time as the chairs go fast!

Some of my favorite relaxation spots on the property are the hanging wicker hammock chairs. Two people can fit comfortably in them and they are great for curling up with a book.

If you enjoy seafood, spending your day by the Pink Gin Village Pool is the place to be. It is right near Neptune’s Restaurant. They open at 12:00 PM and serve everything from burgers and fries to mahi mahi. *Tip:I highly recommend the mahi mahi. It’s gluten free and tastes delicious.

The “quiet pool”, as guests learn quickly to call it, is right near the Sandals Resort Main Bar and several bathrooms. If you need some time from the sun, there are a couple billiard tables as well as board games.

4. Italian Village

The Italian Village is located just behind the Pink Gin Village rooms. This is one of the updated sections of the property. Most of the rooms have skypools (infinity pools), swim up access to the shared pool and/or tranquility soaking tubs. If you are looking for the finest in luxury rooms, there are Love Nest Suites in this building.

5. South Seas Butler Suites

As we walk past the Italian Village rooms, we approach the South Seas Butler Suites part of the Love Nest accommodations. I have captured them from the top floor of the Italian Village building. Each butler suite comes with a butler, 24 hour room service, VIP check-in, private balcony or patio, in-suite bar stocked daily, tranquility soaking tubs for two, and private pool. From this view, you can see a different angle than the website will show you. This entire area is on a hill. To visit the South Seas Main Pool (the “party pool”) or any of the restaurants, you must walk down a fairly steep hill.

6. South Seas Waterfall River Junior Suites

The South Seas Waterfall River Junior Suites are in a fantastic location. There aren’t any hills to climb and you have the choice of the party pool or the winding river pool in front of your room. You can take part in the action or people watch!

7. Lover’s Hideaway Village

This section of the Sandals Grenada Resort is furthest from everything. It is also the closest to the airport and a main road. Friends of ours stayed in this area and said they had no trouble with road or airport noise. This part of the resort is close to the fitness center and has lush vegetation and wildlife surrounding it.

8. South Seas Hideaway Junior Suites

We have stayed twice in the South Seas Hideaway portion of the resort for couples and prefer it. While you do have to walk up a steep hill, the area is truly a hideaway. With a quiet, infinity pool and lush vegetation, you feel like you are tucked away from all the activity of the resort while being just a few steps away. I have more photos of this location on my 2017 Review of Sandals LaSource Grenada.

South Seas Hideaway Plus Party Pool at Sandals Grenada

This photo is a wonderful representation of this half of the property. If you work clockwise around the pool, at 12:00 you see the Lover’s Hideaway Village. At 2:00, you see the South Seas Hideaway Suites. 7:00 are the South Seas Butler Suites and 10:00 are the South Seas Waterfall River Junior Suites.

9. South Seas Main Pool

This is the “party pool”. Whether you are interested in pool volleyball, Bingo, water aerobics or guess that tune, this is the place for you. The South Seas Main Pool has a swim up bar that opens at 10:00 AM. If you enjoy gluten free pizza, Dino’s Pizzeria opens at 11:00 AM and is located at the pool. While this is the loud, busy pool, guests still enjoy reading their Kindle Paperwhites with a raft and their favorite cold drink while lounging in the pool.

This review of the Sandals Grenada resort is not a sponsored article. I have personally visited this resort and all opinions are my own.

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