Sandals Grenada vs Antigua Resort Comparison

For enthusiasts of luxurious, romantic travel, the allure of Sandals Resorts is undeniable, and among their collection, Sandals Grenada and Sandals Antigua hold a special place. With extensive experience journeying to both of these Caribbean gems, I possess a wealth of insights into what each destination has to offer. Whether you’re planning a vacation, a celebratory holiday, or a dream honeymoon, this guide aims to illuminate the unique characteristics of Sandals Grenada vs Antigua, assisting you in determining which island paradise best aligns with your travel aspirations.

Overview of Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts introduced a special way for couples to vacation in the Caribbean, where everything they need is included in one price. Founded in 1981 by Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Sandals made romantic getaways easy by including meals, drinks, and fun activities in the cost. This idea was different because it focused just on couples, offering them a chance to enjoy beautiful places like Grenada and Antigua without extra fees. These resorts are all about giving couples a luxurious experience right by the beach, mixing relaxation with adventure.

Sandals stands out because it promises a “Luxury Included®” vacation, meaning guests get to enjoy the best services and activities without worrying about extra charges. From the beginning, Sandals chose beautiful Caribbean islands for their resorts, making sure each spot, especially Grenada and Antigua, offers a unique and romantic setting.


Sandals Grenada: An Exotic Escape

In my previously published post, “A Guide to The Best Sandals Resort for Your Spring Honeymoon,” it was highlighted that the optimal period for visiting Grenada spans from December to April. This timeframe is characterized by the lowest levels of rainfall, making it an ideal choice for travelers.

Grenada, a tri-island state, is marked by its tropical climate, which maintains daytime temperatures ranging from 86 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, ensuring a warm and inviting environment for visitors.

Unique Features

Sandals Grenada stands out for its beautiful setting and special amenities. Highlights include the SkyPool Suites with their private infinity pools and stunning views, ideal for those looking for luxury. The resort also has unique Rondoval Suites, round cottages with their own plunge pools, offering privacy and a cozy feel. Guests can enjoy Grenada’s biggest zero-entry pool and a range of water activities. Although the beach is smaller than some others, it offers a peaceful spot for sunbathing and swimming. Food lovers will find 10 different restaurants on-site (read about my gluten-free culinary choices during our 10 day stay at Sandals Grenada), offering a variety of meals from local to international cuisine, ensuring a great eating experience for all.

travel photography sandals grenada at night
Italian Village photographed at night.

Adventure-lover’s paradise:

    • Hikes through pristine rainforests
    • Climbs to stunning mountain peaks
    • Swimming in clear waters of 14 waterfalls

Appeals to:

    • Adventure seekers
    • Couples looking for a romantic escape or unique wedding venue

Culinary heart of the Caribbean:

    • Organic chocolate, rich spices
    • Delicious local cuisine for a memorable gastronomic experience


Make sure to read A Vibrant Return to Sandals Grenada for more adventures and unexplored facets of the Spice Island. The post also includes pros and cons from our 3rd visit to Sandals Grenada.

Sandals Antigua: A Romantic Haven

Location and climate

Situated in the Eastern Caribbean, Sandals Antigua experiences a climate similar to that of Grenada, despite the islands being 342 miles apart, with Antigua located to the north. The optimal visiting period for both destinations extends from December to April, during which average temperatures range between 80 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This time frame is favored for its pleasant weather, making it ideal for visitors seeking to explore the island’s natural beauty and luxury accommodations.

Unique Features

Sandals Antigua is home to an award-winning beach located on Dickenson Bay, known for its soft white sands and tranquil waters, providing the perfect environment for relaxation, snorkeling, and a variety of water sports. Designed with a focus on romantic ambiance, the resort features meticulously landscaped gardens and secluded spots, inviting couples to immerse themselves in its peaceful allure.

Catering to diverse traveler preferences, Sandals Antigua offers distinct areas within the resort: one side dedicated to those seeking quiet and serenity, and the other designed for guests looking for entertainment and sun-filled activities. This thoughtful layout ensures that all visitors can find their ideal vacation experience, whether they’re in search of tranquility or adventure.

large pool at all inclusive sandals resort antigua
Party pool with daily events.

Romance getaway Seekers

  • 365 beaches on the island
  • Colorful reefs
  • Sunset sailing
  • Known as the “Romance Capital of the Caribbean”

Antigua Appeals To:

  • Romance seekers
  • Snorkeling
  • Sand and Surf


  • Historic sites such as Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Natural landmarks like Devil’s Bridge


Make sure to read my Sandals Grande Antigua Review to view our Half Day Jeep Tour of the island.

Direct Comparison

When contemplating a choice between Sandals Grenada vs Antigua you should carefully consider the ambiance, overall vibe, and specific characteristics of each location to make an informed decision.

Ambiance & Size

In Grenada, guests often praise the local population for their friendliness and welcoming nature, an aspect that enriches the resort experience. The compact size of Sandals Grenada encourages guests to explore beyond the resort, with activities like hiking to cascading waterfalls readily available for adventure-seekers. (View my Sandals Grenada Photography Tour for a detailed walk through the resort.)

On the other hand, Sandals Antigua offers a more expansive setting, allowing couples to find enjoyment without the need to venture off-site, thanks to its extensive beachfront, landscaped grounds, and offerings like sunset catamaran cruises directly from the resort.


Regarding the beach experience, Sandals Grenada boasts a private beach, though it’s worth noting that the waters can sometimes be rough, impacting beach activities. Conversely, Sandals Antigua features a large and beautiful white-sand beach that, while stunning, is shared with locals and visitors from other resorts, potentially affecting the sense of exclusivity.

Package Price

Price is also a crucial factor. For a week’s stay in March 2025 (peak season), the costs vary by accommodation type across both resorts.

At Sandals Grenada, the prices range as follows:

  • Luxury level rooms cost between $6,900 and $8,300
  • Club level rooms are priced between $8,800 and $10,200
  • Butler level accommodations range from $11,000 to $17,500


In comparison, Sandals Antigua offers:

  • Luxury level rooms for $6,500 to $7,000
  • Club level for $7,000 to $8,300
  • Butler level rooms at $9,800 to $16,000

These price points highlight the differences in what each resort offers and can help you decide based on your budget and preference for ambiance, beach access, and exclusivity. Remember that prices may vary. Check for the latest deals.

Want to enjoy butler service without the butler? Pack a collapsible cooler bag. Fill it in your room and keep it at your pool or beach chairs. Less trips to the bar for water, beer or wine!

Sandals Grenada vs Antigua: Side by Side Comparison

Sandals Grenada

  • A hospitable resort with easy access, just 15 minutes by car, to Annandale Falls for those seeking adventure, hiking exercise, photographic locations and outdoor experiences. (Tip: Pack around $10 US dollars per person for entry to the falls.)
  • Distance to airport from Sandals Grenada: a 5 minute drive. You can see the airport from the resort.
  • Same room levels. Differentiators are the SkyPool Butler Suites in the Italian Village and South Seas Tahitian-style Butler Suites with private pool. 4 Villages: The Pink Gin, The South Seas, The Italian and The Lover’s Hideaway.
  • Sandals Grenada was built in 1993, opened in 2014, and renovated in 2013.
  • 10 Restaurants – from personal experience, food is better here. Includes Butch’s Steak House.
  • Small beach with gritty sand. Rough ocean water. Private.
  • Set on 17 acres of a combination of steep hills and flat terrain.
  • Night Life: nightly events in the Living Room (LIVE DJ, dancing, musicians, performers, etc.)
  • Sandals Resorts offers excursions such as river tubing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and sightseeing.
  • Pricing on average is higher than Sandals Antigua (Prices can vary. Check for the latest deals.)
  • Travelers’ Choice Award 2023

Sandals Antigua

  • A romantic resort with gorgeous backdrops for your wedding or vow renewal. Plenty of nooks and crannies where you “can get lost.” Take a safari, e-bike sightseeing tour, go deep sea fishing or zipline and kayak through Antigua for days you’d like adventure.
  • Distance to airport from Sandals Antigua: 7 miles or about 10 minutes.
  • Same room levels. Differentiators: Caribbean Village (quiet and dated) vs Mediterranean Village (lively and newer)
  • Sandals Antigua was built in 1991 and renovated in 2011.
  • 11 Restaurants – food could be better.
  • Expansive beach with soft, white sand. Peaceful water. Shared.
  • Set on 27 acres of land. Mainly flat with slight inclines in places. You will have stairs at the Mediterranean Village rooms.
  • Night Life: pretty quiet by 9:30PM.
  • Sandals Resort offers a variety of excursions from sailing, biking, hiking, fishing and more.
  • Pricing on average is lower than Sandals Grenada (Prices can vary. Check for the latest deals.)
  • Voted World’s Most Romantic Resort
Sandals Grande Antigua Tour Video

Sandals Grenada vs Antigua Conclusion

Wrapping up our tropical showdown between “Sandals Grenada vs Antigua,” let’s just say you’re in for a treat no matter which one you pick! Over in Sandals Grenada, you’re greeted with smiles so warm they could melt your sunscreen. (One of our favorite reasons for returning again and again!) This little slice of paradise invites you to lace up your adventure boots and dive into activities galore, from chasing waterfalls to exploring lush landscapes. And when it’s time to chill, their SkyPool Butler Suites and a culinary scene with 10 tantalizing restaurants have got you covered.

Flip the scene to Sandals Antigua, the “Romance Capital of the Caribbean,” where lovebirds flock for its expansive embrace. This resort has got the romance recipe down, with its calm, cuddle-worthy beaches (yes, you’ll be sharing the love with some locals and fellow travelers, but hey, the more the merrier!). Looking to keep it cozy on-site? Antigua’s your go-to, with plush stays and tranquil waters just begging for a sunset sail.

With both spots offering everything from snug to swanky rooms and a price tag to match every fairy tale (Grenada might have you dipping a bit deeper into the treasure chest), the epic decision of Sandals Grenada vs Antigua boils down to what tickles your travel fancy—be it adventure and intimacy in Grenada or endless romance and relaxation in Antigua. Either way, you’re in for a fabulous, unforgettable jaunt!

Be sure to check out both resort locations via Sandals Resorts for pricing and availability.

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Sandals Grenada vs Antigua

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