Welcome back, wanderers! Shine with Jennifer Leigh (Shine with JL) is thrilled to share the enchanting tales of our third visit to the paradisiacal Sandals Grenada. As seasoned travelers, we’ve discovered a tropical haven that beckons us back year after year, and we’re excited to spill the beans on why Sandals Grenada has become our go-to destination for all-inclusive bliss. From the highs of warm Caribbean breezes to the lows of turbulent waters, our journey is a rollercoaster of experiences that we’re eager to recount. So, buckle up and join us on this sun-soaked adventure!

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All-Inclusive Bliss: Our Third Stay at Sandals Grenada

1. Thanksgiving in Paradise

For three consecutive years, we’ve chosen Sandals Grenada as our Thanksgiving escape, and each time, it feels like returning to a second home. The weather, boasting temperatures in the high 80s and upper 90s, creates the perfect Caribbean backdrop. The island breeze, complemented by the refreshing ocean, ensures a comfortable stay, making it an ideal Thanksgiving retreat.Sandals Grenada November Travel

2. The Good and the Not-So-Smooth Waters

Positive for Swimming and Snorkeling at Pink Gin Beach

Pink Gin Beach, with its azure waters, becomes a playground for aquatic enthusiasts. Breakwaters enhance the swimming and snorkeling experience, creating a haven for underwater explorations.

Sandals Grenada Pink Gin Beach Views of St George
View from Pink Gin Beach at Sandals Grenada Resort.

Negative on Rough Waters for Repeatability

However, the rough waters outside the protected area make water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and glass-bottom boat rides a challenge. The elusive green flag, flown on average once per month, signals safe conditions. Our water tour, on the Astonia, was unfortunately canceled twice due to unpredictable sea conditions, casting a slight shadow on the overall experience.

Rough waters at Sandals Grenada at sunset.

3. The Heartwarming Grenadian Hospitality

Amidst the challenges of unpredictable waters, the friendliness of the Grenadian people shines like a beacon. While the bar service could use a touch more attentiveness, the locals’ warmth and hospitality make up for it. The staff’s dedication to exceeding expectations is evident, and their efforts are recognized through the GINA app, fostering a culture of excellence.

4. Tech Upgrade: The Loop to Gina

Sandals Grenada has stepped up its communication game with the recent tech upgrade to GINA, enhancing interaction through the Sandals & Beaches mobile app. Fast communication with the staff ensures seamless experiences, and employees are motivated to go above and beyond, competing for the coveted prize awarded to the most mentioned staff member on GINA.

5. Culinary Delights for Every Palate

Special dietary needs are met with enthusiasm by the resort’s chef. Our gluten-free Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and apple pie, was a testament to the culinary excellence at Sandals Grenada. (See Eating Gluten Free at Grenada.)

6. South Sea Village Serenity

Opting for the South Sea Village side of the resort proved to be a delightful choice. Our recent stay in a South Seas Waterfall River Pool Walkout Junior Suite with Patio Tranquility Soaking Tub (Room category code: WWJS) was nothing short of perfection. The location ensures serenity, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

south seas waterfall river walkout room by shinewithjl

7. Proximity Perks

The convenience of being close to the airport cannot be overstated, especially after enduring a lengthy plane journey. Quick customs procedures, friendly staff, and the availability of Sandals Resort airport transfers make arrival and departure a breeze.

8. Endless On-Site Adventures

Sandals Grenada offers a plethora of on-site activities, catering to every preference. Whether you crave water aerobics, lively beach or pool volleyball, or simply desire a quiet Kindle session by the Pink Gin Beachfront Village pool, the options are aplenty.

Pool Volleyball Sandals Grenada
My husband diving for the ball during a pool volleyball game.

The Allure of a Fourth Visit: What’s Next?

With three visits under our belts, the question arises: Why return for a fourth time? The answer lies in the promise of new adventures and unexplored facets of Grenada.

1. Luxury Caribbean Adventure Tour

Embark on a scenic drive to the Grand Etang Nature Center, followed by a hike through the rainforest to the breathtaking St. Margaret’s waterfall. A Caribbean adventure that promises both luxury and natural wonders awaits.Things to do Grenada: St. Margaret's Waterfall

2. Skippered Day Sail with LTD Sailing Adventures

Add a touch of spontaneity to your Sandals Resort vacation with a skippered day sail by LTD Sailing Adventures. Venture off the beaten path and experience the Caribbean from a unique perspective.

Chartered Day Sail Grenada

3. Sail to Paradise Beach, Carriacou

Seek out a local boat operator to sail you to Paradise Beach in Carriacou. Picture smooth, white sand against lush greenery and shallow turquoise waters—an idyllic escape beckoning to be discovered.Things to do Grenada: Paradise Beach


As we bid adieu to Sandals Grenada for the third time, our hearts are filled with memories, both sweet and challenging. While the rough waters may pose a hurdle, the warmth of the Grenadian people and the allure of future adventures keep us coming back for more. With our eyes set on a fourth visit, the story of Shine with JL at Sandals Grenada continues, promising new tales of Caribbean wonders and unforgettable experiences. Until next time, may your travels be as vibrant and joyous as our journey in the sun-drenched haven of Sandals Grenada.


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