Want to spend less time and effort styling your curly hair? Here is my low maintenance list of 3 curl products for styling on your next wash day.

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1. Shower Instructions

2. Plop

Using a Microfiber Towel, plop for half an hour. Do not add styling products until the next step. This is called Damp Styling.

microfiber hair towel for curly hair shinewithjl review

3. Curly hair Styling

4. diffuse

Immediately diffuse hair. I diffuse my hair using the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino. Combined with the Black Orchid Hair Diffuser  it takes about 30 minutes to dry my 2c 3a curls.


As you can see, my layered curls are well-defined, frizz free and voluminous. What do you think? Do you have a couple products you just can’t live without?

Second Attempt

I tried this routine a second time one week later so you could see that I still love the results from these three curly hair styling products. Sometimes, parting your hair on the opposite side can give you a whole new look just like a little lipstick! ha ha!

bonus: easy refresh day

Today was day 5 for my curls and I desperately needed a refresh. I hopped in the shower, wet my hair thoroughly, finger combed the Curls Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream and scrunched in Kinky Curly Original Curling Custard. I immediately diffused until dry. Here’s my results! I think I like them better than wash day on Sunday.

shoulder length curls and green glasses shinewithjl

Additional Curly Wash Day Results



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  1. After you plop, do you add more water to the product or just pray hand them into the already plopped hair?

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply

      Hi Maggie!

      I don’t normally add water to my product before applying to my curls. If I plopped too long and I notice frizz starting to form, I use my spray mist bottle to dampen that area. For my low porosity curls, I find applying product with less water works best for me.

  2. I have just started my curly girl method journey 😳 I’ve read so many blogs saying L.A. sport gel but when I wake up the 2nd day its flaking, my question however is this…. I’m trying to “scrunch the crunch out” but there are always crunchy places remaining near my roots and the none crunchy gets frizzy. It’s a hot mess, what am I doing wrong?

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply

      Hi Christie! Welcome to the curly hair journey. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with your curls. I haven’t tried L.A. sport gel so I can’t attest to the exact problems you are having. From personal experience, when my hair feels crunchy, dirty and limp after SOTC, either I did not rinse out enough of my deep conditioner or I used too much styling product. When applying your styling products, maybe try less on and near your roots. Frizz usually means your hair is reaching out for moisture. Do you use a leave-in conditioner or detangler? I have had great success with damp styling. https://shinewithjl.com/how-to-damp-style-wavy-curly-hair/ Let me know how it’s going!

  3. Hi! You said above that you only use the Shea Moisture conditioner occasionally. Does that mean you have another rinse out conditioner you use on most days or do you skip a rinse out conditioner?

    • Jennifer Leigh Reply

      Hi Megan (insert wave),

      I only use the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Hair Masque for my deep conditioning days. Otherwise, I use a lighter conditioner that I rinse out. Surface Bassu Moisture Conditioner is my go to for normal, curly wash days. It does not weigh my curls down, yet still hydrates them.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know if you have further questions.

      Shine with JL

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