Just like that, summer is here. I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! We spent ours at the pool trying to keep cool in the shade. We did venture out into the sun during adult swim time though. It felt great to cool off and get some extra exercise. Unfortunately, my hair did not like the chlorine nor the sun.

Thankfully, I had tucked away a deep conditioning mask that I was waiting to try out. I have so many curly hair styling products! I’ve been trying to use them all up before purchasing more. This hair mask was a special treat!

Tip: Just a little curly hair tip, each time you swim in the ocean or pool, rinse or wash hair immediately. When washing, choose a sulfate-free cleanser or conditioner and use cool water. Follow up with a deep conditioner. If you are at the pool or beach, bring a leave-in conditioner spray and apply throughout the day to keep your curls protected.

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after pool curly hair routine

I will first show you my results from my latest curly hair wash day routine. Once you see how my 2c 3a curls loved these products, you might want to try them out yourself!

These photos were taken about 15 minutes after diffusing. I had scrunched out the crunch and allowed my hair to settle. I don’t know about you, but right after I diffuse, my hair is HUGE! It is a little deceptive. ha ha! If you keep reading, I’ll include my day 2 curls so you can see how well these products held up.


This is a gentle, sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo. I’ve been using it for about one month now. When you need it to really clarify your curls, wash your hair twice. What I love about this shampoo:

  1. It’s a frizz-free foundation for your curly hair products.
  2. It works for all curl types.
  3. It’s gentle.
  4. UV filter to prevent damage from environmental aggressors.
  5. A little goes a long way!
ouidad the curl experts advanced climate controal anti-frizz shampoo
sheamoisture shea butter deep treatment masque

This is a silicone-free, deep conditioner. It does contain panthanol, which is a humectant. Humectants draw moisture into the hair, which is bad for high porosity curls. Here are my pros and cons for this curly hair product:

  • Pros: Not a heavy, deep conditioner. Did not weigh down my roots nor leave them feeling dirty. My low porosity hair felt healthy and voluminous and defined. I wrote the company and they confirmed this product was gluten free.
  • Cons: Little to no slip. Used praying hands to apply and slowly worked through curls with fingers. An additional oil or detangler applied before this product may be helpful. You will use quite a bit of product to fully cover thick hair. Product does contain protein, albeit far down the line of ingredients.

Warmed up my heat cap for 90 seconds and then applied heat for 30 minutes. Rinsed out mask entirely.

Step 4: Apply Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler and plop with 100% cotton t-shirt.
Step 5: After plopping, apply two curl styling products.
  1. Finger comb Davines This is a Curl Building Serum into curls.
  2. Finger comb and scrunch in Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
  3. Diffuse using cool and warm setting until 100% dry.
  4. Share your results on Instagram!
Step 6: Love your Curls

Day 2 curls

For my day two curl refresh, I did nothing but scrunch and fluff my curls with organic grapeseed oil. It’s a light, natural oil that hydrates the hair without weighing it down. It is odorless too. I find this oil to be better than coconut.

PS: I did not pineapple my hair over night. I only slept on this 100% silk pillowcase.

On a side note, in all my photos I am wearing gluten free makeup. If interested, here are the items:

  1. Creme Eyeliner by Serenity and Scott.
  2. Cream Brow Pencil by ZUZU in Jet.
  3. Brow Gel by Serenity and Scott in Bronze Sable.
  4. Blush by Serenity and Scott in Tahoe Glow.
  5. Lipstick by Serenity and Scott in Fearless.

How do you care for your curls during the summer? What are your curly girl techniques for enjoying the pool, ocean or lake? My goal is to care for the health of my curls even in the summer when it’s up in a bun or hat. I want strong, moisturized locks all year round. Any tips or help from the curly hair community are welcomed!



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