Nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, the Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown emerges as a beacon for travelers seeking both convenience and comfort without stretching their budgets. My recent stay here was a mix of delightful experiences and minor hiccups, all of which I’m eager to share. This review is a candid recount of my time at this establishment, aiming to provide future Downtown Colorado Spring guests with a clear picture of what to expect.

Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown

Pros of Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown

Proximity to Everything Downtown

The hotel’s location is unbeatable, offering easy access to a plethora of downtown attractions. I spent a memorable hour at Terra Verde Boutique, where the staff, especially Kathy, went above and beyond in assisting with my shopping needs. Though their XS selection was limited, the service compensated for it. (Tip: Stop in here for their amazing selection of jeans by KUT from the Kloth. I found their Catherine Boyfriend Jeans to be stylish AND comfortable.)

The area also boasts gluten-free dining options (detailed in my upcoming blog), and while I missed visiting the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum due to renovations, its closeness adds to the hotel’s appeal.


The Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown doesn’t claim a spot among the top 5 dreamy stays in Colorado Springs but stands out for its affordability. It’s an excellent choice for those who wish to explore the city without spending a fortune on accommodation.

Thoughtful Amenities

From the filtered water fountain located discreetly behind the check-in desk to the 24-hour gym equipped with basic fitness gear, the hotel ensures guest needs are met. The inclusion of a full breakfast offers a good start to the day, with varied menus ensuring palatable satisfaction.

24 hour gym Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown

Sample breakfast menu: scrambled eggs, pork sausage links and pancakes. Another day, we had cheese omelets with chicken sausage patties and grilled red potatoes.

The hotel’s quiet ambiance, enhanced by strict safety protocols requiring room keys for access to most areas, promotes a secure and peaceful stay.

Rooms with Mountain Views

Waking up to the sight of blue skies and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains is genuinely breathtaking. As someone accustomed to mountainous terrains, I found the view from my room exceptionally dreamy.

Mountain Views from Downtown Colorado Springs

Convenient Transportation

The hotel’s proximity to the Groome Transportation drop-off location at The Antlers, merely a two-block walk away, simplifies travel logistics for guests arriving from the Denver International Airport. This convenience further reduces the need for additional transportation services.

Cons of Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown

Lack of In-Room Essentials

The absence of water in the rooms is a notable oversight, especially considering Colorado’s dry climate and the need for hydration to adjust to the elevation. The limited closet space challenges those traveling with ample clothing for the area’s variable weather.

Room Amenities Hyatt Place Colorado Springs
Closet and drink station at Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown.

Lastly, the early removal of the coffee station and the absence of an outdoor seating area restrict relaxation options. (Tip: Take a short walk one block behind the Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown to The Mining Exchange. The lobby is gorgeous and the perfect place to write or get a bit of work done. Plus, this hotel makes my top 5 places to stay in Colorado Springs!)

Limited Accessibility

The lack of nearby pharmacies to purchase essentials like water and snacks is inconvenient. Especially, when water is not provided with the hotel room. (Tip: Pack a reusable water bottle and fill up wherever you can. The hotel gym has a water bubbler.)

Insufficient Room Amenities

Our room had minimal toiletries. In addition, there were partially used rolls of toilet paper in the bath. This points towards an area for improvement in ensuring guest comfort and convenience.

In Room Bathroom and Drink Amenities

Service and Cleanliness Concerns

My interaction with the front desk was less than satisfactory. Responses to inquiries and requests were often unhelpful. For example, when asked about the missing coffee station, I was told it was no longer out. This lack of proactive customer service was disappointing.

Moreover, the cleanliness of the rooms left room for improvement. Finding long hairs on the carpet and short dark hairs along the edge of the mattress detracted from the overall experience. Such oversight in room preparation raises concerns about the thoroughness of the cleaning process.

Concluding My Stay At Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown

The Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Downtown serves as a practical and enjoyable base for exploring the city. Its strengths, particularly in location, affordability, and basic amenities, make it a commendable choice for travelers. However, attention to detail in providing essential in-room comforts, improving the availability of amenities, and enhancing service and cleanliness could elevate the guest experience significantly. Despite its drawbacks, my stay was overall positive, punctuated by moments of peace and the breathtaking beauty of Colorado Springs viewed from my window. For those planning a visit, this hotel promises a blend of convenience and comfort, with room for improvement in specific areas.

Hyatt Place Downtown Colorado Springs


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