I am ashamed to say I knew nothing of The NH State Veterans Cemetery until my grandparents both passed away in 2018. A beautifully, landscaped 15 acres of land in Boscawen, New Hampshire. The cemetery offers a final-resting place to honor all veterans and their loved ones.

NH State Veterans Cemetery

The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery was funded and construction began in 1997. Construction on Phase 1 was completed in 2003.

Currently, only 15 acres of the 104 acres are developed. If you are trying to locate a loved one or friend who is buried at the NH Veterans Cemetery you can use this burial locator.

My Family Story

My grandfather served in the Navy. While he was alive, he would occasionally speak of his time in the service. However, he was a private man and kept much of it to himself.

My grandmother fiercely loved America. She was proud to call this country her home and loved her cross-country road trips.

It seems fitting that my visits to the NH State Veterans Cemetery remind me of them both. His dedication to the service and protection of our freedoms. Her love for America.

I’d be remiss, not to mention my uncle Jim whom we laid to rest last year. He shared my family’s love for America and also served this country.

Veterans Events

If visiting New Hampshire, stop by the Veterans Cemetery and pay your respects. Our two favorite times of the year to visit are Memorial Day and Wreaths for Boscawen.

Wreaths for Boscawen

We’ve taken part in the last couple wreath laying events at NH State Veterans Cemetery. It is widely attended even in poor weather.

There is no sign up list. However, be prepared for traffic and tight parking conditions.

Blue Star Mothers of NH does a fantastic job organizing this event. There are stations setup all over the grounds where you can pick up your wreaths, tie on the bows and place on a veterans gravestone.

If you want to ensure your loved one has a wreath, you can donate to the event in advance. That’s how my family handles it.

Things to Do NH: Conclusion

The NH State Veterans Cemetery holds a special place in my heart and once you visit, I hope you feel it too. The wreaths will be removed on January 7, 2023 so be sure to stop by beforehand. Better yet, volunteer to help clean up that day at 10:30 AM.

Do you have a family member at the Veterans Cemetery? Share your family’s story below.


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