Just got back from a week in Colorado Springs and let me tell you, figuring out what to pack was a bit of a puzzle, thanks to the spring weather. If you’re heading there soon, layering is your best friend. Think a mix of light and cozy clothing to handle the ups and downs of the temps.

Seasonal Clothing

Early spring sees a bit of everything, weather-wise, so your wardrobe needs to be as flexible as the temperatures. Think light layers for those surprisingly warm days and something a bit cozier for when the chill kicks in.

Outdoor Gear

Your adventures dictate your attire here. Whether you’re scaling the heights of Garden of the Gods (#1 thing to do in Colorado Springs) or chugging up Pike’s Peak on the Cog Railway, make sure your gear is up for the challenge. This means anything from breathable fabrics for those sunny hikes to something more robust if the weather turns.

City and Evening Wear

Colorado Springs isn’t just about the great outdoors; the city scene is buzzing, too. From swanky restaurants to casual diners (see my post on the Where to Eat Colorado Springs), you’ll want to pack outfits that are both stylish and comfortable. Casual chic or smart casual, paired with walking-friendly shoes, will see you through dinners and city exploration with ease.

Outfit Philosophy

Here’s my approach to tackling the what-to-pack dilemma:

  1. Start with a weather app check.
  2. Align your outfits with your planned activities.
  3. Decide on a color scheme for easy mix and match.
  4. Focus on versatility, comfort, and style in your clothing choices.

One challenge was the unpredictable weather, including a blizzard just days before our trip! To stay one step ahead, I packed a range of jackets for either dryness or warmth, and waterproof hiking boots were a must for snowy paths and mountain treks.

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What to Pack Colorado Springs: Travel List

Activity-Based Outfits

Our Colorado Springs experience spanned downtown vibes, Old Colorado City charm, and the unique atmosphere of Manitou Springs, each requiring its own set of day-to-night outfits. From gym wear to boutique browsing and dining out, the goal was always to marry comfort with style, adapting as the day and the temperature changed.

I’ve included my travel packing list in a visual download to help you minimally pack. 80% of the outfits are exactly what I’ve purchased. In some cases, I’ve chosen similar items.

DAY 1 Downtown Colorado Springs

Morning Gym

I started my days at the Hyatt Place Colorado Springs at the gym. Simple leggings and athletic tanks with sneakers were perfect for this activity.

Shopping the Boutiques in Downtown Colorado Springs

Browsed the boutique shopping on N Tejon Street. It was a sunny, warm day in the 60’s F. Skinny jeans, tank top, quarter zip sherpa and comfortable walking shoes did the trick!

Don’t miss my review of this packable travel loafer that might just be your new favorite shoe!

What to Pack Colorado Springs: Hotel Gym
What to Pack Colorado Springs: Boutique Shopping Downtown

DAY 2: Downtown Colorado Springs

Coffee at The Mining Exchange

Day two, I found a luxurious coffee shop in The Mining Exchange. As I had visited this location the day before, I knew the lobby was warm and sunny. I dressed accordingly to work while enjoying my latte.

What to Pack Colorado Springs: Mining Exchange

DAY 3: Downtown & Old Colorado City

Fast Casual Lunch, Shopping and Dinner Out

Day three, our friends from Kansas joined us. We showed them around town, ate lunch at The Well food court and moved to our Airbnb in the heart of Old Colorado City. The finale was authentic Greek food at Jake and Telly’s Taverna.

What to Pack Colorado Springs: Around Downtown

DAY 4: Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs Lunch and Shopping

Just outside Colorado Springs, is the resort city of Manitou Springs. It’s known for specialty boutiques, mineral springs, the Manitou Incline Trail, and the Cliff Dwellings. On day four, we shopped, had authentic Mediterranean food and toured the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Hiking boots, jeans, sweater and an insulated vest were perfect layers.

Dinner at The Cliff House Dining Room

We popped back to our Airbnb, ten minutes away, and freshened up. I swapped my hiking boots for Converse sneakers and my black sweater for my chunky grey. To dress up my casual chic outfit, I accessorized with a clutch and chunky black earrings.

What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Manitou Cliff Dwellings
What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Cliff House Dining Room

DAY 5: colorado springs

Riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Pikes Peak weather was 12 degrees with a wind chill of -4. I wore my wool base layers, skinny jeans, wool socks, sherpa sweatshirt, cashmere scarf, hiking boots and ski jacket. Inside my July travel backpack were gloves, hat and lots of water!

Unfortunately, due to a recent snowstorm the Pikes Peak Cog did not make it to the summit. All those layers for nothing! The challenge is, you don’t know until you are on the train whether you will make it to the top. Be prepared!

Hiking Garden of the Gods

Following our train ride, we traveled over to Garden of the Gods. We ditched the winter jackets and scarves. The hiking boots came in handy; however, you don’t need them if you stay on the paved paths.

Shine with Jennifer Leigh Hiking Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

Dinner at The Broadmoor Resort

After getting a bit dusty at Garden of the Gods, we stopped by the Airbnb, showered and changed. I chose black skinny jeans, a white button down, with my Converse sneakers. My clutch and statement earrings again paired well with this outfit.

What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak Cog Railway
What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Hiking Garden of the Gods
What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Dinner at The Broadmoor Resort

DAY 6: Denver

Ride to Denver

An athleisure outfit was perfect for this day as we had the drive to Denver. In addition, we stopped at a mall to kill time before checking into our Residence Inn for the night.

Touring the Gaylord Rockies Resort

I did not feel underdressed in athleisure-wear to tour the Gaylord Rockies Resort. We met local friends there for dinner and I fit in well with those eating at the Mountain Pass Sports Bar. I did, however, bring my winter jacket and scarf as a blizzard was due to start while we were there.

What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Travel Day Athleisure Gaylord Rockies Resort

DAY 7: Denver to Boston

Travel Day

Comfort was the priority for our nonstop flight to Boston from Denver International Airport. With 12 hours of travel, I chose leggings, wool socks, a tank top, sherpa sweatshirt and my hiking boots. Surprisingly, my shoes were quite comfortable and supportive. Originally, I chose them as they were the heaviest shoes I packed! Surprise. Surprise.

What to Pack for Colorado Springs: Airport Outfit

Packing Tips and Outfit Planning

Neutral colors were my go-to for this trip, making it easy to mix, match, and re-wear pieces without a fuss. For evening wear, comfortable, casual shoes were essential, ensuring I never felt underdressed. Packing efficiently involved using folded garment bags, water-resistant shoe bags, and reusable vacuum storage bags to keep everything organized and compact.

What to Pack for Colorado Springs Conclusion

The key takeaway? When packing for Colorado Springs, especially in spring, think layers. They’re your best defense against the season’s unpredictable weather, ensuring you’re always ready for whatever adventure comes your way. And remember, a light, portable daypack is your best friend for stashing those extra layers as temperatures fluctuate throughout the day.

We’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’ve navigated the packing challenges for a trip to Colorado Springs or any other destination with unpredictable weather, your experiences are invaluable. Share your packing triumphs, the lessons learned, or even the moments when things didn’t go quite as planned. And if you’re curious about any specific outfits or packing strategies for early spring in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate to ask. Your questions and stories not only enrich our community but also help fellow travelers prepare for their own adventures. Let’s create a space where we can all learn from each other and embark on our next journey with confidence and a suitcase packed just right.

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