Discover the perfect curly hairstyle with highlights that combines healthy curls, complimentary shape, and lots of volume! During my latest salon visit, I aimed for a fresh curly hair look with highlights to enhance my natural curls and cover a few greys.

My stylist meticulously trimmed each curl, adding layers to my long hair before applying highlights. Using the pintura technique, she painted on the highlights to create a natural, dimension-enhancing effect. The result? A stunning, easy-to-maintain curly hairstyle with highlights that looks universally flattering.

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Step 1: Dry Curl Haircut

As my last curly hair cut had been 12+ weeks, we began my salon visit with a dry curl haircut. If your curls are freshly cut, move on to Step Two: Curly Hair Highlights.

Tip: Prepare answers to these before your curly cut visit.

  • How do you part your hair?
  • What are your curl goals?
  • What is your curl type?
  • What curly hair products do you use?

Step 2: Highlight Curls

Once my curly hairstyle had its shape back, the stylist moderately applied curly hair highlights. Her recommendation was minimal highlighting for a natural look.

Questions to Ask Before Highlighting Curls

  • What type of highlights would best suit my hair type and face shape?
  • Can you explain the difference between balayage, foil highlights, and pintura highlights?
  • How often will I need to get my highlights touched up?
  • What is the maintenance routine for curly highlighted hair?
  • How can I prevent my highlights from becoming brassy over time? (This happened to me due to hard water! Read how a shampoo fixed my curls.)

Natural Looking Highlights: Pintura

The professional curl stylist painted on my highlights using a pintura highlighting technique. Pintura is when color is painted on textured hair without foils. These highlights add dimension to curls. As a result, it is an easy to maintain, universally flattering look.

Step 3: Care for Highlights with Clean, Plant-Based Products

After my pintura highlights were done, my curls were washed and styled with Innersense Organic Beauty products. Innersense is committed to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle: Toxin-free beauty.

All their curly hair products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and non-GMO. Learn more about these healthy curly hair products used on my 2c 3a hair.

Step 4: Style Curly Highlights

My curls were dried with this Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser (quick link to product) to completely diffuse my curly hair. (I’ve since purchased this diffuser and have a Black Orchid product review here!) The extra long fingers are perfect for root to tip drying.

Curl TIP: Never touch your curls if they are still damp.

Curly Highlights Hairstyle Results

cute curly hairstyle day 2 curls refreshed

Curly Hairstyle Conclusion

Creating the perfect curly hairstyle with highlights is an art that requires careful attention to detail and the right products. Starting with a dry curl haircut ensures your curls are shaped to perfection, setting the stage for natural-looking highlights. By choosing minimal highlighting techniques like pintura, you can add dimension and depth to your curls without compromising their health.

Remember to ask your stylist the essential questions about parting, curl goals, and maintenance routines to ensure the best results. Utilizing plant-based, toxin-free products like those from Innersense Organic Beauty can maintain the health and vibrancy of your highlighted curls.

Finally, styling your curls with tools like the Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser can help you achieve the desired look while preserving your curl pattern. By following these steps, you can enjoy a beautiful, manageable curly hairstyle with highlights that enhance your natural beauty.

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Curly Hairstyle Update

It’s been a couple months since my curly haircut. What do you think of my curly highlights?


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